Color autumn with bandana and paper beads♪It is an introduction of a limited set!

Hello everyone, I'm Oda of Riccieveryday.
It's a very cool and cold season.
Should I wear a sweater today, or a normal long sleeve, or a coat? I am thinking about coordinates happily while getting lost every day.

So, this time, I will introduce a set of paper beads and bandana scheduled to arrive this week, which will color such fall and winter coordinates.
Please make it an accent of the future outfit.♪

table of contents
1. New appearance! Paper bead colorful bag x bandanana set
2. How to match by coordinating
3. lastly

1. New appearance! Paper bead colorful bag x bandanana set

A limited bag set with a standard product paper bead colorful bag and bandana will be released this Friday.

The paper bead bag is a standard product of RICCI EVERYDAY, a bag that connects beads made of paper one by one.
Bandana can be tied to bags, used as an inner bag or sub -back, or wrapped like a furoshiki.

There are a total of 6 colors for colors!

Popular floral pattern! Big Flower x Sakura Pink

Standard popular eye x red


This is also a popular flower pattern wild flower x orange


Swallow x yellow that you can feel autumn



Calm classic pattern wave x brown



Lemon cookie x black with beautiful pattern contrast

All patterns can be used as a perfect accent for going out in autumn.♪

2. How to match by coordinating

This time, we will introduce brown and black coordinates, especially among the six colors.

(The skirt is a random tack skirt -fantasy of the product arrived last week)

OK as the leading role of Corde. Even if you show the bandana as the inner bag, it will be a cute point.♪

(Clothes are colored dresses in stock last week -high -life light blue-)

Black tightens the overall impression even when there are many colors of clothes.
The color of the bandana shines well in a black colorful bag♪

It is a perfect item for going out in autumn and the color of the walk coordinates.

3. lastly

How was it?

We hope that you can add color to your life with this fall -only bandana and bags.
Please use it as a point of autumn and winter clothes that tend to be dark♪

The release will be from 21:00 on Friday, October 21, so please check it out.

Look at the product