[Report] Make with African-print scraps! I have infiltrated the original tumbler making event♪

Hello everyone, I'm Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY. Autumn is getting deeper, and it gets quite cold in the morning and evening. Recently, I'm addicted to drinking warm corn tea on a cold night. Do you have any recommended warm drinks?

This time, I would like to report on the tumbler making event held at the RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom on Saturday, October 29!
At the event, I, Takai, and the representative, Chizu Nakamoto, actually challenged to make tumblers, so I will introduce the situation together♪

1. Event overview
2. Events
3. in conclusion

1. Event overview

For this event, let's make one original tumbler in the world using African-print scraps!

African -print scraps that comes out when making African print products. At RICCI EVERYDAY, it's a waste to throw it away ... I think that if I can use it for something ...
There is a "Gift from Trash" collection in the collection that uses the scraps.

In the workshop event that uses African-print scraps, the intention is to use African -print scraps in the Kagurazaka Showroom to enjoy making African print accessories, and at the same time, experience the spirit of Uganda's "use of things". there is.

2. Events

By the way, I will tell you about the day of the event.

The event was held in the morning and afternoon two -part system. Both were held in a friendly atmosphere, including those who participated and the staff.♪

The instructor's staff first explained how to make it.

Immediately, choose your favorite African -print scraps and put it on the mount. It was very interesting because the personality was reflected in how to paste and the pattern to be selected!

On the way, coffee brewed with rooibos and Uganda beans was served.

The point when pasting is to paste more and more as you are. Everyone put a scraps on the back side and reversible!

By the way, I thought too much and put it on, so it didn't end in the morning part, so I decided to make a continuation in the afternoon ... 

In the afternoon, the representative, Nakamoto, also participates!

The design is a holoholo bird walking on the wave pattern... ! !

My work I carried over to the afternoon was finally completed by "added heart"!

If you arrange one by one in this way, the colors and designs are slightly different (very much?), It's exactly the only tumbler in the world♪

3. in conclusion

How was it?
Events at Kagurazaka Showroom are always friendly, and even those who participate for the first time have such an atmosphere where the story is naturally excited. If you are interested in the event! Please feel free to participate.

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