Start the holiday season! RICCI EVERYDAY's November schedule

Hello. I'm Ricci everyday Sasaki. In November, 2 months this year. It's early in the month. In November, the commodity begins for Christmas! I am always weak for a limited time, and I buy something that is always lost.

Now, Ricci everyday will continue the campaign for the holiday season!
I hope you can read this article until the end.

1. Customize your original items
2. items from Gift from TRASH
3. New material in Akello bag series 
4. Can't wait until Christmas! Gift Set version up
5. Conclusion

1. Customize your original items

We will order two custom-made items from November 4th to November 13th.

1 Leather × African print key
Animal leather × From the key holder of the African print, we are now producing limited initial key holders.
You can choose from two different African prints.

Choose your own first or even the initial of the thrust.

2 Portrait paintings
You can choose a favorite photo and paint a Uganda artist.
Kano, a contemporary artist in Uganda, picks up portrait paintings with a unique touch. Be sure to become a unique and colorful painting!

The item of the customization will be delivered from 9:00pm of November 4th to 11:59pm of  November 13th.

2. items from Gift from TRASH.

"Hope bag" and "green bag" will be re received from the popular gift from Tori collection on 4th November.
In this case, we will provide an advance reservation for the hope bag. We will guide you to the customer on the fourth. Please use this service if you are unable to purchase it slowly.

The regular sale of hope bag is scheduled for the end of November.

3. New material in Akello bag series

Icon bag Ricci every. It was a bag that put out an African print on the whole, but this time, it changed into the medium akello with the Burke cloth and appeared on November👏

It is a design that can be used easily in the business scene with the chic cloth of the bark cloth chic brown. African print inside.

The table is a bark cloth, and the back is an African print, and it can be used in the right side according to the coordination.
Of course you can replace your strap

Please enjoy autumn autumn while feeling Uganda tradition!

4. Can't wait until Christmas! Gift Set version up

Last Christmas gift set.
This year, we offer 9 kinds of gift sets with popular items. Please use it for the reward to the one who has done to the important person to the important person for one year, and to suit the scene by all means.

Gift set lineup is as follows.

Mini aero 38 × Balangicharam
Akeropochet 38 × Balangicharam
Lunch Tote × Animal doll
Message Eco × Animal leather key ring
Mochette × BANDANA
Cosmetic pouch s × Uganda Shea Butter
Book cover × Bag Petit
Apron × Mitten
Coaster × Luncheon mat

* the sale is scheduled on November 25.

5. Conculusion

How was it?
In addition to the item we introduced this month, various items such as the Organizer Bag of new goods, the message Eco, the popular popular Saxophone tote and mochette are scheduled to be entered into the online store!

Please look forward to the arrival of every Friday☺

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