Would you like to make your favorite item? Introduction of customization project♪

hello. I'm Oda from RICCI EVERYDAY.

Autumn is getting deeper and deeper, and the number of days when I feel cold, like a lie that I was suffering from the heat a while ago, was increasing. Before moving from the coolness of autumn to the cold of winter, I would like to enjoy picnics and outings.

By the way, RICCI EVERYDAY introduces customization projects from November 4 (Fri) today!

I hope you can read this article to the end, so thank you.

1. What is customization project?

2. Customize planning ① Initial key chain

3. Customized project ② Portrait

4. At the end

1. What is customization project?

From November 4 (Fri) to November 13 (Sun), we will launch a “customization project”, a project that allows you to customize your own original items!

This project will be a limited time project from November 4 (Fri) to November 13 (Sun), so please do not miss it.

This time, we will make two types of customizations.

How about a reward for yourself who worked hard for the past year?

2. Customize planning ① Initial key chain

A limited initial key chain will appear only from the key chain that combines leather and African prints that are well received by customers, such as animal leather key holders!

If you choose your name, as well as your pet or recommended initials, you will feel like you are at any time.♪

If you attach it to a bag or pouch, it will be one point.

It is also recommended as a gift for loved ones.

Customers can choose your favorite pattern from the initial alphabets and two types of African prints.

It will be delivered around December.

Please make your own key chain.♪

3. Customized project ② Portrait

The portrait is a product in which KANO, Uganda's artist, draws photos of customers, family, friends, and pet as portraits.

Kano is an artist that captures the characteristics of a person and creates colorful colors from its inspiration.

His color sensation is very unique, and the colorful colors are noticeable.

This product will be a flow that will be portrayed by the customer and draw it in Uganda.

You can use your own photo, or a photo shown with your family, friends and pet.

This is the portrait of the representative Nakamoto.

Passion red! It is a color that feels like that.

Please choose the background color you want and order.

* The background color must be specified from the option, but please note that the color is wide.

I hope that through portrait production, it will be an opportunity to know about local Uganda artists, including KANO.

4. At the end

How was it?

This customization project will be a limited time project from November 4 (Fri) to November 13 (Sun), so don't miss it.♪

In addition, you can actually see the real portrait and other online products at the RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom, so please come to the store.

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We hope that your life will be more colorful with customized products.♪

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