The apron is even better! Notice of the 2nd product development meeting

Hello, this is Washida of RICCI EVERYDAY.

It's been about a week in November, but how are you all going?

It's cold in the morning and evening and the warm weather during the day, so it has become difficult to adjust your clothes ...!

I personally hate winter cold, but I really like the sunny morning pins and the tight air.

By the way, this column is about the showroom event in December and the 2nd product development meeting.


1. What is the 2nd Product Development Conference

2. Event details

3. At the end

1. What is the 2nd Product Development Conference

This event is the second time of the product development meeting held in October.

Last time, participants discussed the apron, one of the RICCI EVERYDAY products (not currently sold), to improve from the conventional ones.


Here is the state of the previous event.

Everyone who participated gave me a lot of ideas that would be more practical!

In the second time, we hope that you can see the samples created in Uganda based on the proposal of the first development meeting, and deepen the plan.

2. Event details

Date: December 17 (Sat) 10: 30-12: 30

Up to 6 people to prevent new colon virus infections.

Location: RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom (2-17 Ichiya Korocho, Ichiya Koshimachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)

The direction from the nearest station "Ushigomeyanagicho Station" to the showroom is the orderHere

* Participation is only in face -to -face.

Participation fee: Free

Reservation method:HereYou can make a reservation from the reservation form.

* Whether or not you participate in the 1st Product Development Conference does not matter. Please feel free to join us!

* It will be on a first -come, first -served basis. Make reservations fast~!


3. At the end


The showroom is full of colorful African prints and interiors!

We hope that you can make use of your ideas in such a space in RICCI EVERYDAY products!

I myself can't wait for the completion!

As I talked about in my previous column, I'm very lonely that I can't go directly to a showroom or event because I'm in the UK now ...

I hope you can visit the showroom at this opportunity.

Please make a reservationHerefrom~!

Look at the product