New item! The whole picture of Akero Berkross

Hello, this is Nakajima of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Today is Friday! I guess everyone was waiting for the arrival of the weekend!?

I also look forward to every Friday.

Because, RICCI EVERYDAY new products will be available on Friday.♪

Today (11/11), a new product has appeared. that name as well Akello Barkcloth!

So, in this column, I will introduce the whole picture of Akello Berkcloth.

table of contents

1. What is Akello Barkcloth?

2. specification

3. Size and capacity

4. Coordination example

5. Handle

6. Trial campaign - Barkcloth -

7. At the end

I would be glad if you could read it to the end.

1. What is Akello Barkcloth?

Akello Barkcloth is an Akello bag made of Barkcloth, as its name suggests.

It has a different expression and atmosphere from the akello bag made from the previous African print.

This Akello Barkcloth is a line that makes use of sustainable materials and Uganda craftsmanship NAWOLOVU. It will be a product.

Berk Cloth is a material that is thinly stretched like a cloth, with a wooden skin from Mutuba tree.

The craftsman carefully peel off the tree, boil the skin, and stretch it thinly with a hammer.

Its technology is also registered as a world intangible heritage.

It's a great technology!

Even if you peel a wooden skin to make a bark cross, if you do it properly, a sturdy skin will be regenerated on the surface of the wood.

If you purchase Akello Barkcloth, it will also help Barkcloth craftsman.

Berk cloth is used for the white color of the bag, and the contrast with dark brown is cute!

Although it is a simple shade, the pattern gives a chic stylishness.

2. specification

The inside is African print! In addition, a zippered pocket and one large normal pocket are attached.

You can put what you don't want to lose in a zippered pocket and put what you want to take out quickly in the normal pocket.

If there are multiple pockets, it will be helpful!

It has a porch, strap, and bottom plate.

The strap can be adjusted ◎

The blades are attached to both ends of the bottom of the bag, so the corners are hard to rub even if you use it for a long time.

You can also hold the bottom button and store it compactly.

You can hide the contents of the bag with a flap.

Like Akello bags, it can be held as a handbag, tote, shoulder bag, and clutch bag.

As a handbag.

As a shoulder bag.

Even if your luggage becomes a little heavy, you can easily and stylishly carry a shoulder bag.

If you have a small luggage, a clutch bag.

Just holding a clutch bag will add elegance at once.

3. Size and capacity

The size of the bag body is W35㎝ x 34.5㎝ x D9㎝.

It is a convenient size that can fit documents, PCs, tablets, and water bottles. Because there is a gusset, it is very easy to put in things.

The same size as Medium Akello 38.

4. Coordination example

In various situations, it is easy to match with various coordination.


Office casual

Jeans style

Skirt style

In this way, you can use it both ON and OFF.

5. Handle

Next, I will introduce the lining pattern of Akello Berkcloth.

Big Eye Purple & Blue

Big Eye Purple & Orange

Big Eye Green & Brown

High -life light beige

Which pattern do you like?

6. Trial campaign- Barkcloth -

By the way, I don't think there is much opportunity to touch Berk Cross.

I want to know how Berk Cross is comfortable! I want to touch it! Some people will come.

So, from 11/11 (Fri) Campaign to deliver Bark Cloth let's start doing!

If you wish, we will deliver an experienced booklet that can actually touch the bark cloth. Inside, there is a sample of Bark Cloth.

By all means, please experience Bark Cloth.

7. At the end

Thank you for reading to the end.

I would be glad if the charm of Akello barkcloth was transmitted to everyone!

If you want to touch Bark Cloth, you can send an experience -type booklet, You can actually see the Akello barkcloth in RICCI EVERYDAY Kagurazaka Showroom.

Please come to the showroom.

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May your fashionable range expand in Akello Barkcloth♡

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