TFT-UA and Old Works have three-party collaboration products for a limited time!


Hello. I'm Sasaki of RICCI EVERYDAY.

In January, half had passed in no time. Recently, I have written 100 lists I want to do this year and filled the schedule as much as I could do it little by little.

By the way, this time, we will introduce collaboration products by TABLE FOR TWO student group TFT-UA, old works, and RICCI EVERYDAY.

  1. What is TFT-UA?
  2. Overview of collaboration products
  3. Feelings for collaboration-Interview with TFT-UA-
  4. lastly

1. What is TFT-UA?

This collaboration is a joint development of Old Works Frontier, which aims to be an apparel business as a bridge for social contributions, and RICCI EVERYDAY.

TFT-UA is an abbreviation of "Table for Two UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATION". It is a student group that agreed with the philosophy of Table for Two (TFT). With the concept of "children in developed countries and developing countries share their meals," TFT has solved global food imbalances, and simultaneously improves the health of both developing and developed countries. I am working on the mission.A part of the purchase price is donated every time you purchase one point, and it will be delivered as a school lunch to children in developing countries through "Talbe for Two International".

2. Overview of collaboration products

This time, in addition to the tote bags, card cases, and handkerchifs that were sold last year, bucket hat and smartphone pores have appeared.

① Bucket hat (¥ 3,800 tax included)

It is a reversible and easy -to -use hat according to the scene and coordinates.



Why don't you finish a higher -grade coordination with a cute African print?



② Smartphone pouch (¥ 4,200 tax included)

There is a pocket of the size of the IC card before, so it is recommended for daily use!

You can put the minimum necessary items such as lips, tissues, and card cases as well as smartphones, so it is perfect when you go out.




③ Tote bag (¥ 4,720 tax included)

This is a reversible tote bag. A4 size can be used as commuting or school bag. The point is that the luggage is easy to take out because it is horizontal.



There is a pocket inside, so you can take it out, such as a smartphone.

There are two patterns in addition to this pattern, so please check it out online store.



④ Card case (¥ 3,570 tax included)

Not only cards and money, but also chucks can be put in pockets and compact mirrors.

Because it can be fastened with a snap, it is also possible to carry it in a bag ◎



⑤ Handker chef (¥ 2,360 tax included)

3 large -sized handkerchiefs of 53 x 53㎝ appeared.

As a handkerchief, it can be wrapped around a bag, as an accent, and can be enjoyed in various purposes, such as wrapping it around the hair.

3. Feelings for collaboration-Interview with TFT-UA-

This time, we interviewed TFT-UA about collaboration!

Q1. What is the significance of collaboration?

"I wanted you to want everyone to know the problem of the plagiarism of African Campaign. We are working on the theme of" BRING YOUR SMILE -a little good for the world ~ ". I am. Hundreds of yen are donated as school lunches for children in developing countries out of the amount you purchased. Japanese people enjoy African prints, and African children eat lunch. It is a mechanism that you can enjoy time. "

Q2. What were the difficult and impressive in the project?

"What was impressive was that I made it for the same generation when I was selling it, but the higher generation bought it. If you buy it, the price is high. Even if it could lead to donations, I was sure to empathize with TFT's activities. It was impressive that many people would like to understand our feelings and respond to their feelings.

The difficulty was that it was hard to decide what to make. I didn't wear sweatshirts and made T -shirts, but I was worried about the products that could be sold in the fall and winter. Meanwhile, when one of the members got an idea of ​​bucket hat, it was unanimous, "That's it!"

I was stuck in the idea and it was hard, but I was able to meet a good idea as I was discussing it. "

Q3. What are the commitment points of the product?

Bucket hat

"The best thing is that it can be used reversible. I made a design that can be enjoyed by those who hesitate because the African plint appears on the entire surface. It is also recommended because it is cute to see the African print. You can fold it and use it in the original, so please try it.

In addition, this is a size that can be used for men, so you can enjoy it with genderless!

Smartphone shet

I dared to make a little tip. This is because I wanted to make it a little elaborate design with a normal rectangular shape.

This pochette can also be replaced. It is replaced with a commercially available string, or adjusted the length with a knot. "

Q4. What are the recommended coordination?

"Both products can be adjusted to a wide range of coordination, from casual and girly styles such as jeans.

In the coming season, it is perfect for cherry blossom viewing and walking!🌼

The smartphone poet has a pocket for IC cards, so you can go out with this one when you go to a convenience store. "

Q5. Feelings in this product

"I started with the hope that I would be able to learn about TFT's activities for those in their late teens and early 20s. By introducing products with cute designs that are easy to use, easy to pick up, I hope it will be a chance to know the activities. I don't know about the activities yet, so I want young people to know through products.

I also want to increase the number of TFT-UA members and expand the range of activities. "

Four. lastly

How was it? Regarding collaboration productsRICCI EVERYDAY online store, RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL You can buy it at the Kagurazaka Showroom. Please take a look.

It is sold until January 29, 2023.


Table for Two official website

TFT-UA Instagram

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