We will show you a new event announcement in February and a new spring / summer 2023!

Hello, this is Washida of RICCI EVERYDAY.

January is already in the middle ...

I am purely surprising that the day has passed since the new year has passed.

How did you spend the New Year? I ate too much with Christmas, the New Year, and my body is seeking exercise lol

In this column, I would like to introduce the showroom event in February.

1.2023 Spring / Summer New

2. Event details

3. in conclusion

1.2023 Spring / Summer New

What is the new show? You may be wondering.

At this event, you can see the products that RICCI EVERYDAY scheduled to be released in spring and summer faster than anyone! We will introduce the samples of new products brought back from Uganda Kobo by the representative, Nakamoto.

You can see the real thing in the showroom and actually touch it! I hope you can spend a relaxing time while chatting with representatives and Nakamoto and staff.

It is also an opportunity to interact with other participants who are interested in African prints and African culture! (Of course, those who know RICCI EVERYDAY, those who are interested in African culture but have no knowledge are very welcome!)


If you meet your favorite product, you can make a reservation on the spot! (If you make a reservation, at the timing of the product release, you will be able to provide variations such as color patterns before arriving at the online store here, and priority).

The state of the past new showThis columnWe are introduced in.

↓ It seems that the representative, Nakamoto explains the colorful knit cardigan (the previous new presentation)


What is a new one in the spring of 2023? Maybe some people are worried?

The next season's new product will be released, so look forward to it! I hope you will come to the showroom on the day with excitement and exciting feelings.

2. Event details

Date: Saturday, February 25①10:30-11:30/②14:00-15:00

* Up to 6 people each time for new colon virus infection measures.

Location: RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom (2-17 Ichiya Korocho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Ichiya Koromachi Building A)

How to get from the nearest station to the showroomHere

Reservation method:You can make a reservation from the reservation form below!


3. in conclusion

Isn't it a cold winter, so it's going to be warm just for the new spring and summer works, and just feel warm?


The showroom has many interiors related to Uganda, making it a very nice space!

Please spend a holiday surrounded by African plints and art!


In addition, we also offer souvenirs from RICCI EVERYDAY for customers who participate.

Don't forget to make a reservation and note to the schedule book!

Look at the product