RICCI EVERYDAY 3 years I talk about 4 items that I was really glad to buy

hello. I'm Sasaki, a RICCI EVERYDAY staff.

The half of the year will be over soon! In the first half I did a lot of shopping (laughs)

I like to shop for such shopping, and I will review the product entitled "4 RICCI EVERYDAY items that I was really glad to buy"!

I tried my best and narrowed down to four, so please enjoy reading it to the end.

① Naroho Bag

Until now, I changed my school bag every day, but I want to lose something to forget something! I purchased it according to the new semester.

Black seems to be more popular among customers, but I am a camel.

Is leather bag mainly in autumn and winter? I thought, but I can use it in spring and summer ◎

However, if you hold it every day, your shoulders will be tired, so I use it alternately with the backpack.

The contents of my bag look like this.

The size of a 14 -inch PC is easy. Even though it was introduced as a bag that contains A4 size, the PC was often not fit, so I finally came across a decent bag with a PC! I thought.

However, although it is a simple design, I feel that it is easier to use if it has a pocket with a cushioning for PC personally, or if the outside pocket is attached so that you can take out regular and smartphones.

② Message Eco

Message echo is easy to use and a must -go.

There are two reasons.

1. The shape of the bag.

There are many vertical bags, but because they are square type, I like the feeling that fits well in the body.

2. Compact.

When going out with a mini shoulder like the photo, it can be stored so compact that it can be kept inside, so it is convenient for shopping ◎

The bag with the message "No More Plastic Please." Written for more than three years, but it seems to be still active because it has not become a mess!

However, while it can be stored compactly, there are times when there is a gusset.

③ Mini -paper bead bag / key chain

It is recommended for those who use it or decorate in the room, but do not use bags but want to enjoy the texture of paper beads.

I put a stuffed key chain that doesn't become independent, or a mini bouquet is put in (laughs)

It's cute just on the shelf!

(I want to arrange all the dreams with all colors!☆)

If the variations increase a little more, I would like to use it for putting seals and masking sprays in the entrance.

④ Cube pouch

The last one is a cube pouch.

Three years ago, it was the first time I met RICCI EVERYDAY, so a special item.

The contents of the porch have changed depending on the season, but now one is used as a sanitary pouch and the other as a smartphone gadget case.

It's hard to find a compact pouch with a simple design. RICCI EVERYDAY's cube pouch is impressive if you can store your bag so conveniently (laughs)

Please check it out when it arrives!

At the end

How was the four good items I bought?

What are the good items you buy? Please let us know on SNS, showrooms, pop -ups, etc.!

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