Customize to your liking♪Introducing a convenient buddy Petiribon bag.

Hello, this is Oda of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Recently, it became hot at once, and when I thought the rainy season was over, it was around this time when I felt more summer sunshine.

In July, I want to be more careful about summer measures, such as parasols and sunscreen.

Please be careful about heat stroke.

This time, we will introduce a Petiribon bag where new patterns arrive on July 1 (Fri) today.

We will rename it from "Print Petit Bag" to "Petiribon Bag" and release it newly.

1.What is a Petiribon bag?

2. Size / specifications

3. in conclusion


1. What is Petiribon bag?

Print Putite Bag / 4,950 yen

It is a very popular shoulder bag made with plenty of African prints.

It is easy to use and has many fans.

It is a familiar shoulder bag in the trendy Y2K (year2000) fashion. It will be a unique collaboration product called "African plastic x Y2K".

In Y2K fashion, trends around 2000 have been revived in recent years, and the inspired items have become trends.

(I knew it for the first time ...)

The Petiribon bag is characterized by a design that can be adjusted to various clothes.

It is a design that suits any coordination, from casual fashion such as jeans to elegant fashion.

The point is the shoulder strap part.

The length is adjustable and removable, so if you tie the strap on both sides of the bag, you can shake and make a feminine impression.

If the strap part is tied so that it is shorter, it can be used as a handbag and as a clutch bag by removing the strap.

Please change the usage according to the coordination of the day and the occasion.

2. Size / specifications

Although it is a compact -making bag, the storage capacity is outstanding.

You can also include notepads and gadgets as well as items such as wallets and mobile phones.

Since there is one pocket inside, it is a convenient specification for putting small items such as keys.

As a size

Body: W30㎝ × H16㎝ × D6㎝

Strap: 135㎝

It is.

In addition, the material is 100%cotton, and it is an item that can be used lightly in any season.

3. in conclusion

How was it?

Petiribon bag that is convenient to carry as a clutch bag or shoulder bag.

It can be used for a little outing and shopping, as well as travel and parties.

The design is also cute and it will be a popular product, so please check it out at the online store.


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