Feel free to enjoy fashion! Introducing items that can be used in unisex

hello everyone! I'm Hashimoto, a RICCI EVERYDAY staff. Hot days continue!

We are looking forward to the summer in earnest, and this year we will have more opportunities to feel "summer" with skin!

I guess the opportunity for outing will increase this year.

So, in this column, I will introduce items that can be used in unisex.

By all means, why not enjoy fashion using African plastic items with your friends, family, and partners?

I have the impression that RICCI EVERYDAY items are often for women, but recently customers are also happy to say, "Is there an item that men can easily wear?"

In particular, it is not decided as RICCI EVERYDAY, especially for women, but rather, I want anyone to have fun and wear it.

There is such a background, and this time I wrote such a column.

I'm glad if there is a new discovery, such as "I have this way of wearing" and "it looks like this".

table of contents

1. Akero 38 series

2. West Shoulder Sakosh

3. Moshet

Four. File PC case

Five. Eco -friendly

1. Akero 38 series

The renewed Akero 38 series has been sharpened on both sides of the bottom of the bag, so it looks sharp. Because the cool atmosphere has increased, it may be easier for those who say "I like cool things!"

If you use a clutch, it will give you a cooler impression.

2. West & shoulder sakosh

West & shoulder sakosh is a recommended item for those who do not want to have a lot of luggage!

Recently, there are many people who carry luggage compactly, regardless of gender.

West & shoulder sakosh is easy for any person to hold. The impression changes depending on the pattern.

The photo above picks up Circle Circle -Blue & Red--. This pattern has an active and fresh impression.

In this photo, I chose a swallow -brown & pink--.

The pink pink is included at the point, so it will be a little gentle image.

Because we are wearing a white T -shirt together, we can add some active elements!

3. Moshet

The popular Moshet is a perfect item for the coming festival season!

If you combine the rock T and the pop pattern African plint, it will be very fashionable!

Would you like to create a new whirlwind in the festival fashion! !

It's cute to go to the festival with your friends and partners match the pattern.♪

Four. File PC case

Now, PC/tablet is a necessity. I guess many people carry around wherever they go.

It is also fashionable to carry a PC/tablet with a file PC case in your hand.

As shown in the photo above, while carrying a backpack,File PC caseIf you hold it in your hand while showing off to the people around you (laughs), you can make a stylish appeal!

Five. Eco -friendly

Saigo is eco -friendly.

Recently, many people have large tote bags and eco bags as their main bags.

Eco bags are also easy to hold for any person, so they are perfect for gifts.

It goes well with any fashion, so if you get lost in coordination, you should bring eco -friendly points.

6. lastly

What did you think.

Fashion is a world that many people can enjoy. RICCI EVERYDAY also wants many people to enjoy fashion.

In addition to thinking, I would like to write such a column and create products that can be enjoyed by everyone.

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