We exhibited at the annual interior festival and interior lifestyle 2022 exhibition

Hello, this is Oda of RICCI EVERYDAY.

In July, hot days are already observed in various places.

Just summer! It has become a season when you can feel the unique heat of Japan, but how are you all spending?

Please do hydration frequently and be careful not to suffer from heat stroke.

By the way, this time, RICCI EVERYDAY has also been exhibited for "Interior Lifestyle 2022", which was held in three days from June 1st, so I will introduce the situation.

1. What is interior lifestyle 2022?

2. Introduction of RICCI EVERYDAY booth

3. At the end

1. What is interior lifestyle 2022?

What is interior lifestyle?

Focusing on accessories and miscellaneous goods and interiors with excellent design, such as interior items and accessories

This is the largest exhibition in Japan where domestic and overseas products related to clothes, food and housing gather together.

It is a big event where about 500 companies participate.

It was a BTO B exhibition for business negotiations, with various colorful and various booths.

This has been held off as 2020 and 2021 due to the consequon virus, but it was finally held this year and RICCI EVERYDAY was exhibited.

We also visited the booths of each company, but there were many booths that incorporate sustainable elements in the interior, such as being specialized in Ethical, and it was often study.

2. Introduction of RICCI EVERYDAY booth

RICCI EVERYDAY was exhibited in the interior lifestyle, so

Here are some photos of the booth.

The background of the booth is cute blue, and we exhibited at a booth where African plints shine well.

At the center island table

Including RICCI EVERYDAY's representative products, Akero bags, interior items such as paper beads, African plastic fabrics, and cushion covers are crowded.

Among them, the leather key holder was popular, and the customer said, "Cute!"

In the back corner

NAWOLOVUlineWe introduced products for each sustainable material of Uganda handled in.

Uganda craftsmen made by handLeather product, Made by connecting one by one with paper beadsPaper beads, Berk cross product made of wooden skin, made of raffia and aquatic plants.Basketball seriesI exhibited them.

Many customers are interested in the product lineup that makes full use of sustainable materials.

One of the most popular was Kiki's fabric (left) and Berk Cross fabric (right).

Kikoi is a traditional Uganda fabric and can be used in spring, summer, autumn and winter with a smooth touch.

It is a fabric that is also used for popular products such as Kiki Eco Circle White.

As for Berk Cross, it is produced from wooden skin, and it is an item that is attracting attention as the next material of leather, so many people checked the touch and texture.

It was a very good exhibition that I could talk to with many customers.

3. At the end

It was an exhibition that seemed to be a sustainable material that has the potential to change future interiors and fashion in Africa.

Be sure to check out the products of RICCI EVERYDAY that are particular about materials and sustainability at the online store.

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