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I'm Moe Nishino, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL (Daikanyama -direct store).

Recently, I often see multinational restaurants in the city, but what kind of food do you like?

I feel that Asian dishes, including Japanese food, have a common terms where many ingredients are used, mainly vegetables. (Is it because of my mind? Lol)

By the way, today we will introduce Uganda dishes far from Japan!

  1. General home cooking
  2. Court Cuisine Ronbo
  3. Uganda's dining style background
  4. Uganda's agricultural assignment
  5. Exquisite dishes to ask the representative Nakamoto Chizu

  1. General family dining table

Uganda's general meals are mainly staple food2-3 types of staple food + 1 vegetableIt is the exact opposite style of Ichiju Sanna in Japan. Uganda is rich in grown grains and has a wide variety of staple food.

Example of staple food:

・ Matoke: Mashed by steaming a green banana (not sweet) that is not ripe

・ Posho: Those who knead the white corn powder

・ Rice

・ Potatoes (potatoes, sweet potato, yammo, etc.)

・ Caro: What is kneaded with Hieya millet powder

It seems that Uganda's traditional cooking method is to wrap the ingredients in bananas leaves in this way.

The mainstream is to eat beans with stewed beans and peanut sauce. Peanuts can be boiled with shells, and the pigment of the thin skin becomes purple. The photo shows peanut paste soup and potato mash. Although it is a dish of an unfamiliar color in Japan, the representative Nakamoto says this is exquisite!

2. Court Cuisine Ronbo

Next, I will introduce a dish called Lunbo, which was once eaten in the Uganda court. Even now, it is often eaten on special days, such as weddings and holidays.

This is also completed if you cook meat (chicken, goat meat, beef) and fish (nyleopia and tilapia) on the banana leaves with vegetables such as onions and tomatoes.

Please attach the ingredients and the broth from meat and vegetables to the staple food introduced earlier.

3. Uganda's dietary background

By the way, it is the exact opposite of Uganda dishes from the Japanese meal style. How was this style established?

This food culture is considered to have a remnant of the former colonial era.

Uganda is an old colony of the British Empire, and slaves brought from India dominated the land. For this reason, some Indian atmosphere culture and dishes still exist in Uganda.

For example, one of the dishes that can be eaten as breakfast in urban areas is a thin -baked bread like chapati, which is a dish that was transmitted from India. You have it with tea.

In fact, curry shops are often seen in Uganda.

In addition, as introduced, Uganda's dishes are mainly grain, but this is also an elaborate effect so that it is relatively easy to cultivate during the colonial era and high nutrition from high -calorie crops. increase.

As a result, there are many high -calorie dishes, and obesity is now one of Uganda's social issues.

4. Uganda's agricultural assignment

Uganda is rich in fertile land and water resources, so it is suitable for cultivation of various crops such as vegetables as well as grains. However, unlike strong crops such as cereals, it is a field that requires support because it takes knowledge to cultivate columns and use pesticides when cultivating vegetables.

Many farmers use too much pesticides without catching up with this support, and vegetables that grew there can contain a lot of chemicals, so they can not be eaten raw or health damage.

In addition, if you have the right knowledge, it will be a big business, but in the first place Uganda people have a strong idea of ​​self -sufficiency, and the mind is to raise more than the amount of crops they eat and sell them in the market. Switching is thought to be necessary in future Uganda development.

  1. Exquisite dishes to ask the representative Nakamoto Chizu

Spend half of the year in Uganda What was the most delicious rice in Uganda in RICCI EVERYDAY representative, Chiizu Nakamoto? I asked.

She answered, "I can't forget the ocus soup made by my aunt in northern Uganda!" In Uganda, it is common to take soup with chemical seasonings like Japanese consomme, but this aunt seems to have taken soup from boiled.

She was also attracted to her innovative idea of ​​taking soup with a boiled uganda with many conservative people in eating habits.

Even in Japan, tomato -based dishes and boiled dried is a combination that you don't hear much!

In addition, there are many Muslims in Uganda, so beef, meat meat, and goat meat are the mainstream, and pork is not very common.

However, when I thought, "I want to eat pork,!"

It seems that pigs are baked on charcoal fire, but this is already exquisite! He said, "It's really good for beer! (I don't drink but laughs)."

Finally, I asked Nakamoto, "Uganda's dishes have a great difference in taste and balance from Japanese cuisine, but are you having trouble with food?"

He said, "Uganda's dishes have a nostalgic taste and never get bored!"

Also, Uganda people have pride in their food culture, and they often say, "Because of this fertile land, there are abundant crops, and this cannot be imitated in neighboring countries!"

Through food, you've seen a little life of Uganda people! The motto of my dishes is "I can do it quickly and easily", so I thought I had to emulate Uganda people who cook the staple food and the main dish in this way. ,.

I'm hungry with a lot of delicious Uganda cuisine, and today is goodbye.

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