About Bi Life Photographer SAHO's photo session

RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL (Daikanyama Related Store) Member Sasaki.
The cherry blossoms have begun to bloom and it has become a spring production.

By the way, this time will be held on April 24 (Sat)

African plint and new self to find in photos
-Mi Life Photographer Saho -san photo session-

Information about.

1. Why a photo session with RICCI EVERYDAY?
2. About beautiful life Photographer saho
3. Recommended points for this photo session 

1. Why a photo session with RICCI EVERYDAY?

First, let me tell you why I planned this photo session.

Have you ever removed the mask and smiled?
I myself think that when I laughed like that.

And "What are" I like myself "," I like this "and" I like myself when I'm doing this "? If you are asked, what would you answer?

I think it's very important to find and think about your own "like" in your daily life. If you feel that, you may think, "Oh, happy ..."
You can enjoy yourself from your daily life with a sense of happiness.

I want to create an opportunity to find more specific from RICCI ENERYDAY, which is delivering the message "I like" to everyone with the message "I like". , I planned this photo session.

The above photo, the two photos taken by saho.
He had a very natural expression.

2.  About Bi Life Photographer Saho

Next is Saho, who is in charge of shooting.

SAHO, real name: Saho Ueda.

A photographer who has 10 years of kindergarten teacher who is popular with natural body shooting.
The mission is to expand smiles and release femininity under the theme of shooting that I like as much as I take.
He is good at shooting a natural body and has a reputation for shooting a beautiful moment like that person, and the number of shooting has exceeded 290 in one year after starting a photographer only with word -of -mouth on Facebook.
Since his child -rearing neurosis era, he has been saved by photos and has been conveying the power of shooting that has changed his appearance.
He is active as a photographer who connects smiles, with "The number of women in a good mood is increasing in social contribution".She is a 9 -year -old son, a 6 -year -old daughter's mother.

From here, it is an introduction of SAHO as seen from me as a shooting experience.

I participated in a course held throughout the year, presided over by SAHO and Life Stylist Kumiko Hojo. At that time, I met saho for the first time.

She remembers that she is a woman who has a very nice smile, cute but her mysterious beauty, and the fleeting of a sudden moment, and she feels she is a woman who has never met before.

I was able to get a lot of smiles and courage to the charm of SAHO and the very nice and kind photos that take me in nature.

SAHO, this kind of mischievous side.

Saho's shootingReally natural。 She is all about this word.

She took a picture while talking, and pressed the shutter while talking about smiling.
It also instructs you to pose, such as "Look diagonally up" and "pull your feet more". Indeed professional advice. There is no doubt that you will be surprised if you look at the finished photo. It is completely different from the usual photos.

I would like everyone to experience a smile full of smiles with SAHO and a photo that can discover new self.

3. Recommended points for this photo session 
Finally, I would like to tell you the recommended points for this photo session.

Recommended point ①
It is also the best point.
RICCI EVERYDAY If it is a product located at Daikanyama directly managed, you can choose any of your favorite and shoot with the product.

"Because I put my child's luggage, the bag must be big ..."
"I want to use it when I go to work, so let's choose a slightly more calm color."
"I want to choose more colorful bags and clothes, but I'm not confident."

Have you ever experienced?
Let's blow such thoughts at this photo session!

You can use your favorite bag, clothes, and of course accessories such as pouches.

Please choose freely based on your own "like".

Recommended point ②
With a petit coordination consultation.

"I want to choose" I like "but I don't want to remove the point of" suitable "."
"I'm worried that I don't know how to choose a colorful African plint bag."

I, Sasaki, who is in charge of styling for those who are.
In addition, if you can send a message in advance such as your usual coordination after application, we will answer there.

What do you think?
Did you get interested in the photo session?

The situation is still unable to remove the mask and go out freely or chat.
If this is the case, everyone will be in the inside and the mind and body will be tired.

It's my desire from the beginning of planning this photo session, rather than focusing on what I can't do in such a case, focus on what I can do and enjoy it.

May your daily life be "like" and a day full of sincere smiles.
We are waiting for you at the photo session.

◯ Application and other detailsHereplease look at.

We will take measures against infections firmly so that you can take pictures with confidence, not only fun.

When choosing products in the store and coordination consultation, wear a mask and keep a certain distance from the participants.
Participants only need to remove the mask at the time of shooting.
SAHO wears a mask and shoots from a remote position.

Look at the product