September 21, 2020: RICCI EVERYDAY, co-founder, RICCI EVERYDAY, co-founder, Nakamoto Ritsushi

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RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill: Yoka KONDO is a member of the Kanzan Naei Sho.

It's a season when the smell of autumn is felt in full swing.The more you feel chilly, the more you feel the temperature drops, and the time for the day is shorter.I feel like changing the seasons and feeling, and enjoying clothes, food, hobbies, and so on.

This time, we will introduce the Enpavement Story of the RICCI EVERYDAY Joint Founder and Nakamoto Ritsushi.I'm reminded of the fact that I had an interview last year, and that I told you a very, very content story.This empowerment story is also an article in the over-the-counter store, so you can see the story at the time of your visit.

      "A place to shine me up, and to be cheerful."

It has been five years since the brand was established, and a year has passed since the opening of the retail store.
The products of RICCI EVERYDAY, which were polished by one point in a colorful African print, including the Akello-series, have come to the heart of our customers and staff.

As a housewife's staff, Nakamoto Ritsushi will work on pop-up stores and online businesses across the country as well as stores, as well as stores.He did not feel uneasy when he made a decision to dive into the business world.To get more information about the existence of RICCI EVERYDAY, what can you do to get the merchandise for your hands?It was four and a half years that I had always been thinking about it.

-My daughter, the co-founder, Chizu, my thoughts
" It was in the center of things since childhood.He was in charge of playing the accompaniment of the piano, or smiling all of them.In my family, she was the eldest daughter, and she cared for her, and read a picture book."

In the case of high school students, Chizu was interested in the way of international cooperation by knowing Sadako Ogata, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, was in high school.The rhythme of the story told the story of the time.

"I came back home when I knew the presence of Ogata, and I was talking to someone like this," she said.I was as old as my mother, and when I said that it was so different, I laughed."

The policy of the Nakamoto family is to provide an equal opportunity for education.
Therefore, I felt that I could not spend money for the sake of one of the Chizu people.In such a situation, Chizu told his father that he would make an investment in his father's school.

From his childhood, he had set up his own decisions on Chizu.The fact that she had made the decision behind the words was that her instentilation had been handed down to her.
In his school days, he did not talk much about his studies and private life, and he was encouraged by his daily studies." I don't think I was worried about this decision.

The glaring of the stores directly managed by the appearance of the restaurant's appearance shows the glamorous appearance of the stores.It is impressive to look around the store with a breathtaking look at the customers who are coming to the store.

RICCI EVERYDAY, which aims to realize a world in which women in the world are aware of their potential and live with their will and pride.And on August 26 this year, we will be rebranding and "I like" better than "good".The brand message is called the "Brand" message.
Instead of "what do you think about us?" and "I like ourselves" and "I like ourselves," I think, just before I feel it.Be proud of it.I have this kind of mind.

Before founding the company, she had spent her days as a housewife.In such cases, Chizu shared a vision of providing jobs through business by looking at the women they met in Uganda.

" While I realized the existence of a colorful print dough in Uganda, I talked about the reality facing the local single mother, and we talked about making a bag in an African print over the phone.I myself had no sense of anxiety or failure, and I was excited to be excited.He was in charge of the role of the PTA (even before he was engaged in his work), and he had a fond of selling and doing household chores and experience sales.I had never been involved in a full-fledgent business, so I thought I would do it because I don't know it in a good sense.I have no anxiety, and I have accepted it as a fresh thing because I don't know it.I was excited to be thrummy."

The presence of RICCI EVERYDAY is now known to many customers, such as the open-run store opening and media in mass media, as well as on the media.In the face of change, there has been a change in the mind's side.

" When I was in the store and I was in stock, I had a different feeling from the time when I was at a pop-up window.One of the most uneasiest is that if the program is scheduled to be broadcast and the program is not to be aired,When the word came to the mind of the word.There was a lot of anxiety about the fact that the product could be left as a previous problem in which customers may be coming to the store."

It is currently available in direct management shops, pop-ups, and onra-stores, and in many ways.Before the outbreak of the Corona infection, Ritsuji was often used as a store staff, and often flew around the country as a pop-up staff member.

" In the pop-up, we will tell the story of Uganda, the meaning of the bag, and the meaning of the brand.This is a place where you are connected to the customer so that you can become a guest after the second and subsequent times.A directly-operated store is a mechanism for deeper and more knowledge of the existence of RICCI EVERYDAY.It is not just a place to sell goods, but what you want you to have with Alpha."

"How long can you put up your business when you are busy, how much you can stand?"

As the family was engaged in trading, it is said that this word was taught by the mother of Ritsue.

RICCI EVERYDAY is also a full-time homemaker in both the time of the full-time homemaker.There is a moment when the work of RICCI EVERYDAY, as well as the moment the work of RICCI EVERYDAY, is so fluttled, and there is a conflict.

" There is still a conflict between housework and work.The mother of her husband is now living in a nursing home, and she wants to raise her face every day.There is a moment when I get lost at the moment when I get up in the morning.I still have to go to work.I would like to repay my gratitude for the fact that my mother-in-law has long supported me.I also like RICCI EVERYDAY, and when I'm hard myself, I support a lot of Chizu as well.I have a feeling that I would like to repay Chitetsu as well as to the shop."

-In the future.
In 2017, he visited Uganda, waiting for a long time.

It was impressive that the staff working in the direct management workshop worked very easily.In addition, it is said that the miso was made by hand, but it became a feeling of the furor of Chizu and the way he did well.and, in fact, felt the responsibility of the selling of the bag to the ground.

" If you don't sell it, you can't support the local people.I am thinking of how to sell the goods at the moment when the box is opened (in Uganda)."

"The textbook level is that you don't go to the country."
I don't think it is because I went to the country.

Through the work of RICCI EVERYDAY, I was able to do something I could not, and I was able to meet myself differently.

The motto of RICCI EVERYDAY is 'a place to shining me and cheerfully,' based on the motto of the motto of RICCI EVERYDAY, with the motto of RICCI, which is a motto of "one failure, not to fail the same."

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