[September 24, 2020] ~RICCI EVERYDAY combination founder Chizu Nakamoto ~ where, anyway, went ahead through the way which oneself believed in in the past life to

It is RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill (Daikanyama direct management store) member.

Does the serialization of my エンパワメント story have you enjoy it, everybody?
That this leading role is everybody waiting is Chizu Nakamoto of the RICCI EVERYDAY representative.

"Anyway, in the past life, I went ahead through the way which oneself believed" in. 」

I jump out of the bank which entered the company in graduate school entrance into a school of higher grade, new college graduates while people work hard for job hunting and change my job in the NGO,
And it is a company of RICCI EVERYDAY.

I repeated a rainfall, decision like oneself from the established route "to do it this way for the world" and continued running.
But all did not advance smoothly even if I looked back on past choice.

"Time when I decided that I left the NGO and made a company was the most scared in the life". 」

If a company does not reach well, the income becomes 0 and cannot live.
While fighting against such a fear,

"I believe the thing which we piled up, and let's work as all that we can do it until now". 」

I decided so it and have begun to walk the way to an entrepreneur.

It is a figure of local women that supported in the situation that I make a company, and the few point is not seen in the interval either.

"Life changed thanks to RICCI EVERYDAY". Thank you very much. 」

Words turned to Chizu supported hard time.

"I realized it when I had a meaning even if it was small that oneself came over by their words and tasted the sense that a heart was met". And I was able to think that I must do my best more with nature. 」

Chizu was able to continue running simply because there was their perseverance.

What Chizu realized through activity in RICCI EVERYDAY"Importance of the diversity"だ.

Any person is promising, and the person shines in the right stuff in the right place.

"I leave the president to mother, the law branch which was a housewife in 60 generations and leave the management to Susan who was Taylor and notice that it was proud that, in fact, the local shop staff takes a photograph and ask for the photography of the product" and. Neither the age nor the nationality nor the sex matters and thinks that the environment that can keep the thing which the person has alive may root in RICCI EVERYDAY. It is right a company supported in diversity. 」

Because because is a "woman, there are not", "experience;"It is straight きづらさにつながる of the Great Society that the possibility that the person has is lost by などの preconception.

"Women of the world notice own potential and want to realize will and the world valid proudly from now on". For the whole for a visitor and society and earth, I produce good things in that and want to continue contributing it. 」

Toward the realization of the idea which RICCI EVERYDAY publishes, Chizu continues running from now on.

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