Deliver a real voice. Interview with seven Uganda staff ["5 + 1 SENSES" interview special feature original release

Hello everyone! I'm Hashimoto of RICCI EVERYDAY.

It's been a long time, and it's a very delicious season for coffee. Hashimoto, who is "coffee from three meals", is such a day to drink coffee.

By the way, today, I wrote a column that everyone would like to read while drinking coffee.

Last month, the RICCI EVERYDAY original booklet "5 + 1 SENSES" delivered in the August issue of the Akero Box was a special interview with seven staff working in Uganda Kobo.

In the special feature of the booklet, it was not possible to post all of the contents of the interview due to the number of characters and the number of pages in the booklet. However, when I introduced the contents of the booklet on Instagram, I received many voices saying "I want to read the original text!"

Since it is almost the original text, you may be able to see the real faces of the staff. It is interesting that the uppercase characters are mixed in the sentence, so I put them almost as they were.

In the interview, we asked the following two questions:

①, How do you feel about working on RICCI EVERYDAY? Did you change your personal life and thinking?

② What do you get inspired every day? In books and music!

(Some staff members have no answer to ②.)

I didn't think he would answer these two questions so much, so I was really surprised and grateful when I asked the question.

I have never met the staff directly, but I think I was able to feel the warmth of the staff somewhere.

I hope everyone will feel the warmth of the staff and hard work.

I also put a translation sentence together, so I'd be glad if you could read it slowly while drinking coffee.

Please by all means with the staff's photos.

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8. lastly

1. Manager / Accounting

About ①

[Original text]

I feel good because I do my work with Passion. I am able to put into practice the Knowledge that I acquired at the University.....This makes me understand how Important Education is. Working with Ricci Everyday makes me feel important because of THE POSITION THAT I HOLD AT THE COMPANY THAT COMES WITH RESPECT.

The changes I've experienced since I joined the company !  Before joining Ricci Everyday, I had signed up for a Dead Year(dropped out) from the University due to Financial Reasons. My Dad had Lost his Job and My Mum was Unemployed so they Just COULDN'T AFFORD TO PAY MY TUITION. at that time, i warking at a company that didn next pay so well souly on the.


But then when my Cousin Vicky introduced me to You, I saw light at the end of the tunnel because I didn’t think I could get back to the University anytime soon to complete my studies.......


But When I Started Working and Earning Enough, I Resorted To Saving Money To Pay My Tuition. And Indeed I Went Back and Finished My Studies ...

Other than finishing my studies, I have been able to cater for My family needs and also cater for Myself. I am able to pay for my Kid Sister's school fees, I am able to provide whenever need arises. Personally, I have been able to Fight Poverty, Through Changing The Way of Life of My Family.



I feel good because I work with passion. At work, I was able to practice the knowledge I learned at the university and understand how important education is. I feel that it is important to be in a trusted position when working every day on RICCI EVERYDAY.

I joined RICCI EVERYDAY and changed in my life! Before I joined RICCI EVERY, I had a college year for economic reasons. My father was unemployed, my mother was unemployed and I couldn't afford to pay my tuition. At that time, I worked for a low -paying company, so I couldn't pay the tuition.


One day, when my cousin Vicky introduced RICCI EVERYDAY, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. At that time, I thought I couldn't go back to college and study.


After I started working and I got enough income, I was able to save money to pay the tuition, and actually return to college and graduate from college.


In addition to completing the university, I was able to give my family what I need and buy what I needed. Now I can pay my sister's tuition, and when I need it, I can offer it anytime. Personally, I think I was able to fight poverty by changing my family's lifestyle.


About ②

[Original text]

THE POWER OF FOCUS "by Mark Victor Hansen ...............The Book That I Feel So Inspired By. It Helped Me To Focus So Much on my goals.



The book that influenced me was Mark Victor Hansen's "concentration" ... this was a great influence. This book helped to concentrate on your goal.


2. Studio Production Manager

About ①

[Original text]

I feel good because I am able to learn about new designs and also produce them. I feel great because I am employed, these days it's so hard to find work, I am so used to working in that I can not imagine how devastating it can Be for me if one day day job I have going with ricci everyday.


I also feel good because of the good payment that I receive as remuneration. The kind of changes I have in my personal Life........ I am able to take care of Myself and Look good. I am able to take care of my Two girls.......being a Bread Winner is a handful of duty, especially when you are raising your children single handed. From time to time, I make sure my children have all their needs and wants taken care Of. My Mindset Has Changed Since I Look at Life in a Different Perspective .....



If you work on RiccieveryDay, you can learn a new design and actually create a design, so it feels good. Recently, it's very difficult to find a job in Uganda, and I'm used to RICCI EVERYDAY's job, so I can't imagine if I think, "If I lose my work on RICCIEVERYDAY ..."


In addition, it is safe because the reward is paid firmly.

Changes in private life ... I have been able to take care of myself, and I can care for the appearance. And I can take care of my two daughters. Becoming a big pillar is a big deal, especially if you are raising a child on a single.

I sometimes check if the children can meet everything they need and what they want.

Since I started looking at my life from a different perspective, my way of thinking has changed ...


About ②

[Original text]

I Mostly Listen to Gospel Music and I READ THE BIBLE.



I often listen to gospel music. And read the Bible. From there, my inspiration is born.


3. Leather in charge

About ①

[Original text]

I feel happy and good because I have achieved a lot since the time I started working with Ricci Everyday. We have a supportive Boss who really cares for our Welfare.........and with that, it makes me Love the Job That I Do At Ricci Everyday.


The kind of changes include the Achievements that I ascertained since I joined the Company..........I have been able to cater for my Family, my Children have been able to acquire Education.I have been able to construct My Own House Althooth Not Yet Completed But I am Not Paying Rent for A Roof on Top of My Head.



I am very happy to be able to achieve a lot of things since I started working on RICCI EVERYDAY. I have a boss who supports me, and I'm really worried about our lives ... thanks to that, I loved the work on RiccieveryDay.


I was able to confirm the changes in me after joining the company ... I can nurture my family and the children have been educated. Also, it has not been completed yet, but you can build your own house, at least you don't have to pay rent for your home.


About ②

[Original text]

 I get my inspiration from My Children, They Make Me Work Harder Because I Wants The Me THEM TO HAVE A Better Life.



I have been inspired by children. I hope that the children will live a better life by inspiration from children. That's why I work hard.


Four. Leather charge

About ①

[Original text]

I feel good working with Ricci Everyday because of the obligations I am able to fulfill as a parent and also an Employee.The changes include, my life style has changed. I am no longer the needy person because I am able to work for my own NEEDS AND ALSO I am able to cater for my family needs.



I can fulfill my duty as a parent and as an employee, so I feel good to work on RICCI EVERYDAY every day.

I'm not poor anymore because I can work not only for myself but also for my family.


About ②

[Original text]

 Listens to Gospel Music.



Listen to gospel music.


Five. Leather charge

About ①

[Original text]

WORKING WITH RICC EVERYDAY HAS HELPED me in SO MANY WAYS ...........................................................

The Kind of Changes in My Personal Life ...... I have BeeN Able to Put A Roof ON Top of My Head (ConsonStruct a House)

I have BeeN Able to Shift from Low Low Life Living Living and Closer To Middle Income ........................................................

My Children are in school, I am able to afford the needs and world.



I am helped in various aspects by working with RICCI EVERYDAY every day ... I am grateful that I am a member of the company's staff.

It's a change in private life .... You can now build a house with the ceiling.

I was able to approach the middle -aged earlier from the poverty life of the low -income earners ... my life has changed.

The children went to school and could afford to buy what they need and what they wanted.



6. Carroll's sister / leather charge

About ①

[Original text]


THE CHANGES INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING ....... I have BeeN able to Cater for MySelf and My Son ...

I have Made Sure My Son Is Living A Happy and Healthy Life.



I feel very good thanks to the skills I have acquired in the work of RiccieveryDay.

There was a change in the following life ... I was able to cook and feed myself and my son. My son was able to live a happy and healthy life.


About ②

[Original text]

I draw my inspiration from my child because he motivates me to work harder and become a better person and mother. I want to make sure my child doesn't grow up suffering, I want to give my son a soft Life..... ....




I have been inspired by my son. Children will encourage you to work to become a better person and better mother. I want to give my son a "soft" life so that my child does not grow up and grows ... so I work with passion.


7. Leather charge

About ①

[Original text]

I Feel Proud About The Work I Do At Ricci EVERYDAY.

I have BeeN Motivated to Work Harder Because of the Achievements That I have So Far Realized ...... I have Started Laying Down a Foundation For The Constrotion.


Every day, I am proud of my work on RICCI EVERYDAY. Thanks to the results I have achieved so far, I feel like I will do my best ... Recently, the construction of the house has begun to build my own house.

8. lastly

What did you think? Each staff told me what I was thinking. I think you have a glimpse of each real face and life.

There are these seven people and other staff in the background of the items you love, each of which makes items with various thoughts.

By all means, I would be glad if you could use items while remembering their faces in the future.

I hope that we can continue to send a project that allows you to see the real faces of Uganda staff.

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