"If African Camp is a chance to be tolerant of different cultures" -SNS operation Azusa Sasaki-

This is Takatsuki of RICCI EVERYDAY.

The protagonist of this "When I took a step" was a member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL (directly managed store -managed store), and Azuna Sasaki, who is involved in various tasks such as the operation of SNS and the regular flight service "Akero Box". is.

I didn't have much opportunity to talk with Mr. Sasaki, so this interview was a valuable time to hear her thoughts and thoughts.

Behind many RICCI EVERYDAY services, I feel that Sasaki -san's opinion and perspective, "Is this going better?" I would like to be able to tell Sasaki's story, who spent two years with RICCI EVERYDAY and powered up the brand, in this column.

1. Encounter with RICCI EVERYDAY

2. The junction of life, "World Youth Ship"

3. What I saw by working on RICCI EVERYDAY

Four. Feelings that I felt through African plastic

Five. Future prospects

1. Encounter with RICCI EVERYDAY

Sasaki began to be involved in RICCI EVERYDAY in September 2019. He began to be interested in Africa and happened to know the existence of RICCI EVERYDAY on Facebook.

He also belonged to a web media student group at the time, and he heard about the brand as an interview.

"I like to send it out, and I want to be involved in SNS operation! I told our representative, Nakamoto Chitsu. From there, I am mainly in charge of operating SNS such as Instagram and Facebook."

2. The junction of life, "World Youth Ship"

Sasaki became interested in Africa, the Cabinet Office's international exchange project project, which she participated in the second year of college.

A program in which participants aged 18 to 30 live together on board, repeat discussions, etc., and experience intercultural communication.

Mr. Sasaki, who was originally interested in English and international exchange, found this business on Facebook and decided to participate alone.


(On a world youth ship. All participants were shot in costumes in each country.)

"I was more excited about what would happen than to be nervous about participating alone."

Mr. Sasaki met people from various regions around the world in this business.

"I had a negative image of Africa until I participated in the business, but I met a person from Africa, and through exchange, I wanted to know the existence of African prints, realize the fun of Africa, and to know more. I came to think. "

"I realized that it was important to realize what I wanted to do by using any means from the encounter on the ship. It is still an important point in my decision -making process."


(In the middle of the voyage. I was impressed by the different scenery each time I saw it.)

3. What I saw by working on RICCI EVERYDAY


(When traveling, a mini -kero. This is the first product I bought at RICCI EVERYDAY.)

"I was able to know the back side of the online site that I was casually looking at. I realized that online sites were steadily improving, thinking about how to do it comfortably for customers. "

Also, working on RICCI EVERYDAY has a significant impact on choice of career.

"In RICCI EVERYDAY, I learned how what was in the past would be connected and how it would be involved in the future."

Through that experience, I decided to go to graduate school to deepen my learning about environmental issues that I had been aware of for some time. Graduate schools major in global environmental studies.

"If I didn't work on RICCI EVERYDAY, I hadn't decided to go to graduate school. In that respect, this internship is important in my life."


(Bamboo cup. Not only is it cute, it's light and easy to clean.

3. Feelings that I felt through African plastic

"I want to continue sending out so that as many people as possible can enjoy the charm and fashion of African plints, in relation to RICCI EVERYDAY."

Sasaki will continue.

"I want to make a negative image of Africa positive through African plints, and I hope that African plint will be a chance to be tolerant of other cultures."

"There is still a part that I have to change myself about accepting different cultures. I want to change while involving the surroundings."

Five. Future prospects

I also heard about future prospects.

"I want to look for things I can do with the theme of environmental issues and multicultural symbiosis."

In addition, Sasaki, who majored in English education during his undergraduate school. He seems to be continuing to learn about education.

"I want to be able to approach the education field, such as teaching materials and educational reforms, with the awareness of the problem that I have."

Mr. Sasaki continues to explore what he is interested in.

I think that point will be a line someday, and what you can do with Sasaki -san will be in the form.

How was this time when I took a step?
Please tell us your impressions on SNS etc. Don't forget to check SNS!

Thank you, Mr. Sasaki, for your cooperation in the interview.

Please look forward to the next story.

Reference URL: Youth International Exchange -Cabinet Office (Cao.go.jp)