When I take a step -Akero Box "5+1 SENSES" editor -in -chief Noriko Hashimoto

I'm Takatsuki, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL (Daikanyama -direct store).

The main character of this time "when I took a step" is a member of RICCI EneryDay The Hill (directly managed store -managed store), and the editor -in -chief of the booklet "5+1 SENSES" in the subscription service "Akero Box" I'm a child.

Although I had talked to Hashimoto until now, it was my first time to ask about what I was thinking so much and my thoughts on RICCI EVERYDAY.

I hope that Hashimoto's thoughts and wonderful personality will be conveyed in this column.

1. The reason I learned about RICCI EVERYDAY

2. Future vision

3. Major at university and for women's success

3. A world that spread through studying abroad in Hungary

Four. Future prospects

1. The reason I learned about RICCI EVERYDAY

It was when Hashimoto knew RICCI EVERYDAY when he was a graduate student.

"While graduating from graduate school was close, I happened to find the character of RICCI EVERYDAY internship recruitment on the Internet. I sympathized with the message of" Just Be Yourself "and studied about fashion that I studied at university and graduate school. I thought that I could make use of it. "

Not only Uganda women, but also those who use RICCI EVERYDAY products in Japan seemed to have a message saying, "It's okay to be like you."

2. Future vision

"The future vision is not still a form, but I want to back up women of all generations through the relationship with customers at the store! I feel a sense of mission."

He came to think so that he had the influence of his mother, who often said that women would change society, and had spent junior high and high schools in mission -based girls' schools.

"In the girls' school, there was an environment where I could challenge anything regardless of gender, and it was very natural to help those who want help because it was a mission system."

I was very sympathetic because I spent a junior high school in a girls' school. In a girls' school, there is no such thing as "doing this job because it is a woman" or "doing this job because it is a man", but it is usually "if you can't do it alone". I think there was an environment where gender was not restricted by gender, but to challenge and support everything.

3. Thinking of major at university and women's success

At university, he majored in sociology and studied the relationship between feminism and fashion. In graduate school, I continued my research on the theme of "how people adjust the relationship with society when people wear fashion".


(At the graduation ceremony of the graduate school.

Speaking of Mr. Hashimoto, RICCI EVERYDAY is a fashionable bancho. He always wears wonderfully. He asked how he became interested in fashion.

"It's a family (laughs). Originally, my mother loves fashion, and in my mother's family, some people do fiber -related work. When I'm a child, my mother wants to wear it. I refused and chose it myself! I chose it myself. "


(Etosetrabooks (publishers) and Sister (apparel shop) collaborated. It was released on international women's day. It reminds me that fashion is politically political).

Four. A world that spread through studying abroad in Hungary

When I asked Mr. Hashimoto, "When was the junction of life?" He said that he was studying abroad in Hungary when he was a high school student.

Hungary is a country of East Europe where the capital is placed in Budapest.


The Parliamentary Hall (left) and the seceni chain bridge (front) in the capital, Buttapest. The river is the Danube. Both are World Heritage Sites.

One year spent in a village with only about 1,000 residents seems to be full of memories.

"Every year, there are two or three people studying abroad since my school year, and for some reason my year was only one person. After returning from studying abroad, I would wear more colorful clothes. I was able to notice that I was in Japan, and I was able to see things from a broad perspective. "

Studying abroad, which was the only Asian environment in the village and discrimination against Roma rooted in the local area, was a major change from the environment of junior and senior high schools, and it was a new discovery due to the fact that it escaped from the Comfort Zone. 。


(At the village festival. 7th from the left. I danced in a traditional costume with the local people)

Five. Future prospects

In RICCI EVERYDAY, we asked Mr. Hashimoto, who is involved in the subscription service "Akero Box", about his future prospects.

"Through this service, I want everyone to spend time to take care of himself. I want you to value what you want to do and what you thought."

"Because of the corona evil, the opportunity to touch new things has been much less than before. I hope that I want my intuition to nurture my intuition through Achero boxes."


(In the June issue of Akero Box, the puzzle on the map of the African continent is a monthly gift.Herefrom. )

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