Beautiful Life Photographer Saho's photo session

Hello everyone. I'm Hashimoto, a store manager directly managed by RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL.

How are you spending? The sun has gradually grown, and it's getting into summer air. Without my heart, the feeling of the sky in the evening has become more summery, and the color has become vivid. I take a picture with my smartphone in my hand. I took many photos of the empty in my life, but I never get tired of it.

Speaking of photos, we invited a beautiful life Photographer SAHO on Saturday, April 24, and a portrait photo session called "New self who found in African plints and photos-beautiful life photographer his SAHO photo session". Was held!

Thanks to you, many customers participated and it was a wonderful event. This time, I would like to look back on the event.

1. About the event

2. Coordination consultation and shooting

3. Photographic photo

Four. Voices from customers

Five. lastly

1. About the event

This event was an event that took a portrait with RICCI EVERYDAY items and found a new aspect of the customer through photos!

Before shooting, the staff consulted with the staff, and then the beautiful life Photographer saho was taken.

Click here for a detailed outline of the eventcolumnplease look at.

2. Coordination consultation and shooting

RICCI EVERYDAY staff Sasaki coordinate consultation will ask you about items you want to wear at the time of shooting, concerns about daily coordination, etc. It was the content of telling the points.

From those who said, "I want to wear such colors and patterns, but do you look good on me?", From those who want to have this item! 。

What I have in common is that when I actually wore what the customer thought, "Good," or "maybe ...!" When Sasaki's advice was entered there, the customer's charm was further drawn.

Surprisingly, I knew that my intuition could not be believed.

After the coordination is over, the next step is to shoot.

Before shooting, everyone said, "I'm a little nervous," but when I returned from the shooting, I had a lively smile unlike the face before the shooting.

"I got used to it while being taken!"

"was fun!"

And at the end of everyone, he said, "I'm looking forward to completing the photo."

3. Photographic photo

The staff also wore RICCI EVERYDAY clothes and had Saho shoot!

The shooting with saho was really natural, and I was able to take a picture while chatting with saho, so I was able to relax without the strength of my shoulders.

Sometimes SAHO gave me a nice photo with the advice of "Trying a little face here".

Please see the photos that you actually took.


Four. Voices from customers

After the shooting, the customer cooperated with the questionnaire. Here are some of the impressions of the customers of the event.

"I'm glad I was able to participate in an event that makes me feel like when I can't go out easily."

"I thought that the" good expression "of myself and others was different!"

"I'm glad I was able to leave my appearance in the picture with the African plinting items."

"I thought I wouldn't feel like being taken."

It seems that each one who participated had their own discoveries through this event. I think that new discoveries may have been discovered because I rarely see my appearance (the appearance taken at a portrait) through photos.

Five. lastly

What did you think. As the first initiative this time, we were able to hold such an event, which was a very nice opportunity for RICCI EVERYDAY.

I would be grateful if the customers' feelings were a little more clear through the event, and it was a bit of a chance.

I hope that we will continue to hold an event that customers can enjoy.

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