Notice of alerts regarding similar and imitation products

Thank you for your continued patronage of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Recently, it has been confirmed that similar and counterfeit products of some products sold at RICCI EVERYDAY are distributed, mainly on other companies online shops. These similar products and imitation products are similar to our products and shapes and specifications, but they are not manufactured by our company.

Therefore, we ask that you use our authorized dealers when purchasing so that you do not accidentally purchase similar or imitation products.

If you are not a genuine product

・ The distributor may be overseas

・ The material used is synthetic fiber

・ The weight is lighter than the genuine product

Such a tendency is seen.

We cannot respond to similar and imitation products such as warranty, returned goods, and exchanges. Please note that we are not responsible for these products.

We will strengthen our attention, such as discovering similar and imitation products and suspension of sales to unreasonably sales sites so that customers can enjoy shopping on RICCI EVERYDAY with peace of mind. Please be careful when purchasing for customers.

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