Protect the sea turtles! Efforts for environmental problems in Taiwan


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How are you all spending this summer?

When you open the window, you can hear the cicado, watching the Olympics at home ...

But I miss the days I can go abroad freely.

This time, I will introduce some initiatives on Taiwanese environmental issues, who are currently studying at a university in Taiwan.


Living in Taiwan feels more familiar with environmental problems than in Japan.

Taiwan is an island country, and the clear blue sea is very beautiful. It is a country where beach activities such as diving and snorkeling are thriving.



In such Taiwan, a video of a straw stuck in the nose of one sea turtle was posted on Facebook and spread at once.

The fact that the abandoned straws were afflicting sea turtles, shocked people. Therefore, an effort to protect sea turtles began in Taiwan as a whole.

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As you may know, tapioca drinks are very popular in Taiwan, and students from students to salaried workers drink a wide range of ages. You have to use a lot of straws.

Therefore, efforts are being made to abolish the use of plastic straws. I often see people who actually bring My Straw.

Also, shopping at convenience stores and supermarkets rarely use plastic bags. It is possible to purchase because it is charged, but we often bring eco -back.

In fact, this prohibition of plastic use has been executed earlier than in Japan, and by 2030, the abolition of disposable plastic use has been decided.

Also, when you walk around the city, you will see such a recycling box.


This is a clothing collection box managed by the Taiwanese government.

Put the clothes that people are no longer worn at home and put them in this boxGovernmentBy selling at bazaars, etc., it will be used to support people who are not blessed with sales.

It seems that it is installed in 1,130 locations only in Taipei city.

It is not only reduced the carbon dioxide emitted when treated as combustible garbage, but also reduces the amount of water used when producing clothing.

(There are precautions, prohibition of dirty or torn clothing. ・ Shoes, hats, bedding, underwear, carpets, and towels are prohibited.)


Thank you for reading until the end.

By all means, when you come to Taiwan, please find a recycle box in the city. And we recommend bringing an eco bag when shopping.

I hope that Taiwan and Japan will be able to come and go as soon as possible.


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