What kind of value do you want to shop at RICCI EVERYDAY? -Int as a welcome generation-

Hello everyone, I'm Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Recently, the BTS has become popular, and I have been listening to K-POP a year ago (about 10 years ago, it was a gorgeous Korean nerd ...).

Today, I would like to be able to think together with you, while introducing the contents of the BTS speech, which was talked about at the 76th General Assembly, and what we could do based on that. think.

You may feel a little stiff, but I hope you can read it to the end with a casual feeling.

1. What was discussed at the United Nations General Assembly

2. From BTS speech

3. What we can do through shopping

1. What was discussed at the United Nations General Assembly

The United Nations General Assembly held in New York in September. Among them, a general debate held on September 21 to 25 and 27 expressed his opinion on the issues of the international community through a general speech by the UN Secretary -General of Gutless and the leaders of each country.

The theme of this general debate is ""Build a resilience through hope-to recover from COVID-19, sustainable reconstruction, respond to the needs of the earth, respect people's rights, and reconfigure the United Nations.」。

Opinions were exchanged about reconstruction from global pandemics due to colonovirus infections and later society.


(From the United Nations Public Relations Center HP)

The UN Secretary -General of Gutless pointed out that the pandemic could not unite the international community, and criticized the situation of Afghanistan and Myanmar as an example of "the power of power and coups by exercising force." 。

He also pointed out that pandemic has expanded the gap between nations. By the first half of 2022, he emphasized that a global vaccine plan was needed to guarantee that vaccines would spread in 70 % of the world's population.

He mentioned the difference in the speed of recovery between developed and developing countries, and pointed out that "low -income countries may have a prolonged effect."

As the UN Secretary -General of Guteless says, it is said that the poor will be more seriously affected by a social crisis like Corona's pandemic. And the disparity that was originally expanded further. The same is true between nations and in one country.

It is also said that the disparity problem is the issue of wealth distribution. In the event of this social crisis, how do we deal with the "distribution issue of wealth"?

2. From BTS speech

Many people who have seen the UN General Assembly in the news have seen Korean groups, BTS, speeches.

It was a speech on behalf of the youth generation, but I would like to introduce it because it was a common message for every generation.

"Welcome generation is more appropriate"

He mentioned that the BTS leader RM was a speech, and that young people lost many opportunities due to Corona, and were called "Lost Generation."

"Young people need the most opportunities, and when they need to challenge new things, they lost their way. … I think the name of the welcome generation, not the lost generation, is more appropriate. Because it is accepted as “Welcome” without fear of change and is moving forward. ”


I think that the young generation, as well as many generations, has been postponed or canceled for events that become a milestone in life due to the corona. Some people may have changed a lot of relationships. It was two years as if the precious time had stopped.

However, it seems that it was not only lamenting what I lost, but also a new challenge in society in response to changes.

I guess the way of working has changed drastically, and many people have the opportunity to reconsider their lifestyle.

After Corona, many people may find it better to have a more comfortable way of life than before.


At the same time, it is clear that the problems that society had so far, such as poverty and disparity, have clearly highlighted in Japan and the world.

I would like to consider what we can do as a "welcome generation" for this global issue.

3. What we can do through shopping

We have "value" through shopping. And I pay for that "value".

It's a product itself, experience and time, but what do you feel valuable? What value do you want to get through shopping?

Shopping is voting

Have you ever heard the word "shopping is voting"?

The money we pay is the same as the election vote. For example, if there are many people who buy cheap products, more cheaper products will be made.

If there are many people who find value in "cheap", society is more valuable.

However, there may be people on the back of cheap products who are working under poor working conditions. Mass -produced in the environment may be repeated. Our shopping may have promoted this situation.

I think what we can do is to think about what to find "value" once again.

The value obtained by shopping is not only things or time. If you know the background of the product and pay for the philosophy, more companies will create a more fair environment, which will improve poverty and disparity.

Isn't that the buyer's responsibility to think about the background of the product, as well as the appearance and fashion.


And RICCI EVERYDAY wants to fulfill his responsibilities as a seller.

As a seller, we will always be aware of what the value that can be provided to everyone is.

I hope the column is like that.

We think that it is responsible for sellers to provide the value of "contributing to a more fair society" by shopping on RICCI EVERYDAY, and delivering attractive products. I am.


Thank you for reading until the end!

I hope this column will trigger a little think about something.


・ Https://www.unic.or.jp/news_press/info/42740/



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