Why don't you think about society with RICCI EVERYDAY on the long night of autumn? -Achined the international day of the elimination of violence against women-

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

It seems that the temperature will drop sharply from this week. It is around this time that I feel late autumn and think about when I should wear a thick coat.

By the way, this is a column related to the day of "International Day to Eliminate Women's Violence" on November 25.

1. What is international day to eliminate violence against women?

2. Relationship with us with "violence against women"

3. RICCI EVERYDAY and women

1. What is international day to eliminate violence against women?

Have you ever heard about "International Day to Eliminate Women's Violence"? Many people may know for the first time.


Photo: Un Women/Deepika Nath

"International Day of the elimination of violence against women" is an international day set on November 25 every year.

It was enacted by the United Nations in 2008 to work on eliminating all form of violence against women, such as rape and domestic violence (DV).

In addition, 16 days from international day to eliminate violence to women to World Human Rights Day on December 10 are "16 days of violence abolition due to gender discrimination."

For international days to eliminate violence against womenThe number of violence against women and violence against women are likely to be hiddenThe essence is particularly emphasized.

2. Relationship with us with "violence against women"

So what is the relationship between our lives and "violence against women"?

According to an institution survey, many women often feel uncomfortable, anxiety, and frightened in public places, such as roads and public transportation. rice field. And there is the current situation that regards it as a "normal thing".

Furthermore, even if it fits sexual damage, it seems that the woman who should be the victim has a non -victim, such as "the clothes were provocative" and "It is bad to walk late at night". It may be broken.

DV for women and girls has increased rapidly around the world due to Corona.

In addition to corona evil, not only physical things such as rape and DV, but also sexual harassment in words (in recent years, sexual harassment on the Internet) is occurring on a daily basis, and they are familiar. You may have felt it.

Recently, the understanding of the “#ME TOO” exercise has been increasingly understood, but I feel that the general understanding of the public is not enough.


The incident on the Odakyu Line in Japan the other day was a femide, where the victim was targeted because of being a woman. At the root of this case, I think there is a "curse of masculinity" as well as the perpetrator's contempt.

In a male -centered society, women are the same as men, but they are always treated as sex and are seen with sexual eyes. And women are always socially vulnerable and are "protected."

In addition, in a male -centered society, men cannot show their own "masculinity" for various reasons, such as being unable to acquire women treated as things, making it difficult to live. And it is not uncommon for the dumb to become a weaker woman.

In order to aim for a society where women can act on their own will without fear of violence, not only women but also men need to notice the reality they are. I think that "awareness" will gradually lead to action, and it will become a society that can live easily for women and men.

3. RICCI EVERYDAY and women


Uganda's workshop involves socially alienated people, such as single mothers and Motoko soldiers who are in urban areas, are involved in production activities as "creators". They originally managed to make their daily lives without being able to receive higher education and have no connections. Some people have experienced unimaginable experiences.


Uganda is a country with a high unemployment rate so that only about 20%of people who have graduated from a famous university can only get regular income. Under such circumstances, women who are socially vulnerable and have few opportunities to be educated can work while holding children.


(Studio production manager, Susan)


According to the conventional values, they were those who receive assistance and support, and they were not partners who work together.

However, they are now active in gaining confidence by sending out to the world with pride in the products they worked on to improve their lives while earning regular income through work. increase.

(The interview column of Uganda's studio staff isHerefrom! )

RICCI EVERYDAY provides employment to local women, and provides the opportunity to notice their potential and face their life with their will and pride.


"I want to remove the stereotypes surrounding them and create a lot of places where they shine."


We want to continue to face the business while taking care of this feeling.



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