Introduction of I. Mask ~ To your New Normal ~

I'm Kondo, the staff of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL (Daikanyama -direct store).

In this column, I have many people in the hands,
Introducing the I / Mask of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Now, wearing a mask has become a part of everyday life.
At the beginning of this year, no one imagined that the mask would be an essential item for us.

Now wearing a mask now.
RICCI EVERYDAY has produced an original solid mask using colorful African prints, hoping that everyone who wears it, but will be comfortable as a fashion item, but will be comfortable as a fashion item.

And this mask is created by Japanese women, not only producing, but also a part of the sales is donated to NGOs working in Uganda.

RICCI EVEYRDAY through this columnI would like to tell you from the background of the production of this I / mask to the thoughts you can put.

1. Mask made by the hands of Japanese women
2. Feelings in the name of "I / Mask"
~ I am an important existence ~ I am IMPORTANT ~
3. Connect the world with a mask
4. I / mask mechanism
5. Introducing the project collaboration
6. Mask that can be used properly according to the occasion

1. Mask made by the hands of Japanese women

In Corona's evil, not only the direct effect on the health of the virus, but also in Japan"Economic distress of a single parent household"orEconomic issues such as "creating employment of local communities"Was highlighted. In accordance with the issuance of an emergency declaration, there were many cases where he was forced to be closed, self -restraint, and in the worst case, was forced to close.

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's Basic National Life Basic Survey, 86.7%of the mother and child family complained of their needs, and at the same time, it was not alone. People answered that they had a phenomenon of income due to closed work and the economic impact of hiring.

   “Aiming for a world where women around the world can find out what they want and realize.”

RICCI EVERYDAY, which has this brand mission, promotes employment promotion of women living in depopulated areas, "NPO MAM's Style", which supports women raising children in various circumstances such as single -parent households. We have partnered with two organizations of the fashion brand "Pichu Pichu Tokyo", and decided to produce "I / Mask" in Japan.

2. Feelings in the name of "I / Mask"

~ I am an important existence ~ I am IMPORTANT ~

For "I" in "I / Mask""I am an important existence ~ I am IMPORTANT ~"I have the meaning.

"I'm useless"
"It's my fault that has happened like this."

Women who feel difficult to live can hear such words in their own remorse.
Rather than driving women to isolation, I hope that through this mask, you will feel the connection with the people around you and re -recognize the greatness of yourself.

3. Connect the world with a mask

If you purchase one "I / Mask", one mask will be donated to Uganda through the certified NPO Terra Renaissance.

We chose to donate to the certified NPO Terra Renaissance, as providing ready -made masks free of charge leads to local private pressure.
We ask Uganda Motoko who learned sewing technology in the training provided by Terra Renaissance to make a mask.
We would like to promote the mechanism distributed to those who need masks, such as nearby residents, through the Honkitsu.

4. I / mask mechanism

01 Made by women living in Japan

02 Purchase I / mask at RICCI EVERYDAY

03 A mask is donated to Uganda for one mask

5. Introducing the project collaboration

NPO Corporation MAM'S STYLE (Mums Style)

NPO MAM's Style, who is active in Gunma Prefecture, was launched in 2012 as a voluntary organization, "Mama's Mom's Mom's Mom's Style". It is a mother organization that became an NPO incorporated in 2016.

In 2018, the secretariat was set up in Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture, and a place and stores where parents and children and various people gathered in an old private house.
Here, we recycle and reuse the clothes and books that are no longer used in the regional community, supporting women's independence and distressed families. It is a place where you can think and realize your own way of life. We are working on a daily basis to build a sustainable future that does not continue to consume.

Pichupichu Tokyo

"Creating an environment where you can work regardless of age"
"Create employment that supports the financial independence of producers"
"Spread Japanese embroidery technology to the world"

Pichu Pichu Tokyo is the goal of building a sustainable society with these three themes.
It is a brand that handles children's clothing, miscellaneous goods, and home items that provide production activities aimed at promoting employment in areas with high percentage of women and the elderly who need to support employment.

Certified NPO Terra Renaissance

Terra Renaissance aims to realize a society where all lives can live with peace of mind.

Uganda, Cambodia, Congo Congo, Democratic Republic, Burung, Laos, Otsuchi, and around the world, including Japan.

In the Uganda business, a training program is based in the northern cities, Guru City, and for ex -child soldiers and dispute victims caused by the civil war until 2006. It offers.
To date, 227 former soldiers have been supported by the Terra Renaissance program to return to society.

6. Mask that can be used properly according to the occasion
I / mask featuring three -dimensional design.
While fitting the face properly, it can be used to breathe and can be used comfortably.

There are two types of strings on the ears: African plastic strings and rubber strings. African plastic strings gorgeously around the face. You can use it properly according to the occasion.
Why don't you use a colorful and playful African plint mask that combines ease of use and spend this new new now?

How was the story before the I / mask was born?
May the brightness of African prints be important for customers and creators.

Click here for the pattern currently available at the online store (¥ 2,400 + tax)

 - Angelfish -

 -Move stamps / green-

 -Warco Midori-

-Vibes Blue & Red-

-Lock purple & green-

 -Uzumaki / Orange & Pink-

-Horohoro Green & Purple-

 -Secret key blue & pink-

 -Raspberry Baumkuchen-

-High Life Brown-

 -Secret key brown & green-

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