RICCI EVERYDAY's Philosophy on Oct. 14, 2020.

RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill (代官山 direct store) member.

RICCI EVERYDAY, which carried out the rebranding in August 2020.
This time, we will introduce more about the three filosophies we announced on rebranding.

1) It is a place to find a selfishness.
2. Not just looking, pursuit of ease of use.
3) Truly, seriously, and seriously.

1) It is a place to find a selfishness.

First, it is a place to find self-reliance.

"RICCI EVERYDAY is not a place to pursue the epidemic or find something that is indispensable, but a place to find its own qualities.

“I really liked this!”

The words from a customer were full of excitement and joy that they had reunited with their original self without thinking when they found something they liked while they were squeezing.

We will now provide a wonderful experience and a surprise that will find our own self.”

When Chizu Nakamoto visited the local market in Uganda for the first time, he was walking around the local market, and suddenly he was in a hurry to see the colorful African prints. It was as if he were looking for a treasure to find his favorite pattern in a lot of hilts.
This is what you feel when you find your favorite pattern, and your sense of achievement and wax is not good.

When you find a pattern of 'This is this!' in a lot of hilts in a store, you feel very happy to see a smile. When you look at the pattern that you once tried to distance from yourself, you can see that you are jumping into a new world, saying, "It is really very similar!" I am very excited.

RICCI EVERYDAY will focus on your “like” feelings through finding your favorite patterns in a lot of hilts and aim to become a place where you can find your own personality.

2. Not just looking, pursuit of ease of use.

The second is not just the look, but the pursuit of ease of use.

“What we aim for is an item that combines look goodness and functionality.

One is an Aquero bag that can be used on four streets, and one is a convenient bag or interior item that can not be used once.

Like what you found, and to be together, anywhere at any time.

I will make things that are not only looking at design but also easy to use and to be easily incorporated in everyday life."

For example, the design of the accessory case is one of the designs, which is usually thin and easy to carry, and when you open the fastener, you can store small pockets and rings. When you open the fastener and open the buttons in the four corners, you can see the specification that spreads like a dish, and you can find a design that is easy to use in your home or in your daily life.

No matter how much you prefer, it is difficult to keep it in hand every day with products that are difficult to use, and RICCI EVERYDAY aims to create things that pursue ease of use rather than just look.

3) Truly, seriously, and seriously.

“The social alienation and poor working environment people are receiving, environmental destruction, clothing disposal, racism, animal well fair, and the theft of culture.

There are many challenges to face in continuing fashion brands globally.

I don't want to be a brand that can be achieved on someone's sacrifice.

The people and environment involved are aiming to be happy for generations in the future.

We will be working on the 'right thing' we can do, really, seriously."

RICCI EVERYDAY is doing one thing that can be done, and we are doing the tasks described above. For example, in Uganda's workshop, people who are socially alienated, such as single mothers and former children, who are in urban areas, are properly involved in production activities as their producers.

Women in single mothers who were sad and self-esteem-inflicted by their responsibility for not paying for their children's education expenses are now proud and smiling at their products.

And the African print cloth you use is one of the stickers. Rather than buying something that can’t be discerned where and how it was produced, it’s going to be a little bit more than a half-day, even across the African continent, and Made in. It is a sticky deal to buy African prints produced while environmentally friendly with Africa.

In addition, we are also focusing on narrowing the wisdom of all employees to eliminate the disposal of the manufacturing process.

For example, reuse the hagire in the production process as a bag of Shopper paper, or sell a workshop kit using hagire.

Each is a realistic and realistic way to do the right thing we can do, whether it is a real thing or a failure in the short term, and contributes to the realization of a sustainable society.


This time, I have been working on the RICCI EVERYDAY, and I have been working on the brand with three new points as Philosophy. I hope you will be able to look back on it in the future.

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