Efforts for the environment of RICCI EVERYDAY

hello. I'm Sasaki, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL.

This time, we will introduce what RICCI EVERYDAY is working on on the environment prior to the April 22 Earth Day.

  1. What is Earth Day?
  2. Initiatives ①-African plint to use-
  3. Initiatives ②-Reuse of Hagile-
  4. Efforts ③-Product development using Berkross-
  5. Initiatives ④-eco-packaging-


  1. What is Earth Day?

Earth Day was born in 1970, when Senator G. Nelson in the United States declared April 22 as "Earth Day". Earth Day began to get people to be interested in environmental issues.


  1. Initiatives ①-African plint to use-

The African print used by RICCI EVERYDAY is produced in Ghana. The water gets dirty when printing the African plastic pattern, but the factory that produces this African plint is purified and cleaned.

The water is reused and produces a new African plint.

Many mass -produced African plints are distributed, but large amounts of sewage are discharged from mass -produced cloth factories.

RICCI EVERYDAY's philosophy has the idea of ​​"environmentally friendly manufacturing", so we have decided that we will not buy cloth made in such factories.

That's why I buy an African print produced at the Ghana factory mentioned earlier and manufacture products. For more information about Ghana's cloth factory and production scenery,HerePlease see the column.

  1. Initiatives ②-Reuse of Hagile-

In the process of manufacturing the product, the cut end of the cloth comes out. RICCI EVERYDAY uses such a hagire for various purposes and does not release garbage as much as possible.

"Example 1: Shopping bag"

At Daikanyama's directly managed store, Hagile is used for the handle of a shopping bag ( * shopping bags are charged).

I enjoy what kind of pattern it will be. Please enjoy the accidental encounter!

"Example 2: Workshop kit using Hagile >>

Current,online storeWe sell fabric notes kits and fabric panel kits. This is also the start of sale, in addition to the use of smaller hagilles to the end, we want the customer's home time to be a little bright and fun.

In addition, we hold an online workshop using Hagile irregularly.

At the time of the event, we will notify you on SNS and e -mail magazine, so please check it out!

↑ The state of the cloth Marche held in March 2021 ( * Cloth Marche has ended)

You can also attach a hagire on the animal's mask to enjoy your own original design.

  1. Efforts ③-Product development using Berkross-

Last month, we are also developing products using Berk Cross, which was introduced and became a hot topic that was introduced and became a hot topic last month.

Berk cross is a bark cloth and is said to be the "oldest cloth in the world". It is also registered as an intangible cultural heritage.

After peeling the wooden skin, burn it or soak to soften it. After that, hit the bark and extend it thinly. All work crosses are completed manually.

A new bark will be played again six months later by covering the whole bark with banana leaves. This bark can be used again, so it can be said to be a sustainable material.

Berk Cross is currently being releasedcolumnPlease take a look at this as well.

↑ It is a bag using Berkross currently under development. Sales are scheduled for August 2021.

  1. Initiatives ④-eco-packaging-

At the online store, we deliver products by eco -packaging to our desired customers.

In the past, in a white envelope

·delivery slip
・ Precautions for handling
・ Statement card
・ Thank you card (message from the representative)

I put the product in a blue thin paper and send it.

On the other hand, eco -wrapping is

·delivery slip
・ Precautions for handling

Only two points will be enclosed, and the product itself will be sent directly in the delivery box (or envelope) without wrapping the wrapping paper.


↑。 Please fill in the remarks column in the cart that you want eco -packaging.

For customers who order eco -packaging, we will send a 100 yen off coupon along with the product. Please use it for the next shopping.

How was it?

At RICCI EVERYDAY, "The right thing" is sincerely and serious. Under the philosophy, we will continue to work on environmental issues.

Why don't you do something good for the earth with RICCI EVERYDAY?

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