Looking at the life of the staff and the future of the brand

I'm Kondo, the staff of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL (Daikanyama -direct store).

It takes about 20 minutes to drive from Kampara, the capital of Uganda. In an environment that is blessed with a climate that is easy to spend as much as "early summer Karuizawa", there is a RICCI EVERYDAY workshop, and about 20 staff members are working.

Each plays a role every day, such as a sewing machine that sews the fabric, a leather team for hand -sewing leather, a craftsman who connects fine paper beads, and an address involving exports and management. Through my work, I live as myself as I can and shine as a professional for manufacturing.

The Uganda Republic, which is the birthplace of RICCI EVERYDAY, is a country in East Africa, which has a very high population ratio of young people, but many families grow children as a single mother. There are also situations where economic distress can be used, such as having to pay all rent, education expenses, and medical expenses on their own.
Urban areas such as the capital, Campara, are one of the environments that often feel barriers to such women. Since the land is pioneered, there is no field to self -sufficient.

Before the founding in 2015, the situation that the representative, Chiizu Nakamoto saw was a tough reality with a single mother. Among them, Nakamoto struggled with Nacchi Grace and two other Uganda female staff to meet a single mother, Nacchi Grace, a single mother with four children.

Communication with staff on a daily basis is that Nakamoto, who employs staff with important technologies for brands, is particularly important.
The characteristics of the sewing industry, which is a labor -intensive work that focuses on people, and each staff members are always involved in work with various circumstances, and are always watching their mental condition and behavior. In order to bring out the greetings and the other person's heart and ideas, they also convey their thoughts.

"The worries and anxiety of money appear in everyday work, and the frustration (at the moment of the moment) comes out in the seams. The worst situation, such as embezzlement in the workplace, is possible. Nakamoto says that an environment (construction) is necessary for women to be able to concentrate on their work as a person. "
Communication is always one of the tasks.

Nakamoto said that she was sensitive to changes in the casual mind and expression of others before becoming a manager. In such a case, she does not present a superficial solution for words and atmosphere, but is facing the construction of an environment where local tasks and staff can work with peace of mind with "action".

"Words are important to reassure them, but not all problems can be solved in words."

Not only words, but also action.

This consciousness, in fact, may be what Uganda people, including the staff, are looking for us.
Africa has been reportedly noticeable in economic disparities and has occurred in the regional disputes, but many countries, including Japan as a new business opportunity, such as foreign companies and startup companies expanding. It is also the continent. People living in Africa, which are changing from assistance to business deployment, should have long been affected by the ideas and supplies brought in by many countries and organizations.

Thinking about your own country, we are asked by foreigners who are still living between life and death, as people with such strong will live. Being there is not a small action or a superficial word, it may be that you practice ideas in front of you and embodies whether it really works in the real world with the local people. Hmm.

RICCI EVERYDAY actively supports all staff to build an environment where all staff can work with peace of mind.

1. Establishment of interest -free loans
 If each staff's educational expenses, medical expenses, and living expenses are unable to prepare the money required for each staff member, we offer an unamitable loan up to 1 million shilling per maximum amount of each time deducting from the salary. This mechanism, which can be applied many times in one year, will be established with a repayment plan and a sign of Nakamoto and studio manager.
 Nakamoto says that the happiness that each feels through money is different, so he doesn't care much about what to spend on the borrowed money. Instead of facing the job while feeling anxiety and impatience about the lack of money, it is important to create a moment to find a positive attitude in work with hope and joy.

2. Partial burden of medical expenses
 We pay medical expenses with a maximum of 300,000 shilling for one year. In the field, the first thing that is required is medical expenses for people who have severe illnesses such as cancer. If you don't have money, there is a harsh reality that you can't access the necessary treatment. We provide this support for healthy daily life and work. Being healthy should not be invaded in any situation.

These two supports are still the same for Corona, and when Nakamoto returned to Uganda, he immediately applied for a interest -free loan.

Indeed, in the corona evil, the economy stagnated due to rockdown, and many local companies did not compensate for leave, but RiccIEVERYDAY has set up a compensation mechanism.
In April, where rockdown was implemented around the world, the full amount of compensation, in May, the staff living in the neighborhood resumed work, and paid for the staff living in the distance with paid leave. In June, when public transportation resumed, 60 % of holidays were compensated.

 It is not fair to impose all of the effects brought in by Coronavirus, which nobody could predict, not anyone responsible. And I don't want to lose trust with the staff without any compensation and let go of the staff with a certain skill. The management itself will be negative, but let's get it back again.

 From these various thoughts, even if it is Corona, we have prepared an environment where staff can work with peace of mind. Nakamoto talks in this way while looking back on the support of the daily staff and the corona.

"When I went to the site, I am happy to be a friendly workplace as usual. I'm not full of energy, but I'm not being driven by tragic. , I am grateful that everyone is facing work. "

 Rather than continuing to change rapidly, it is more important to aim at each pace, rather than seeking at a stretch that everyday is circulating and what to do for the goal.

 The staff themselves are grateful for the fact that there is a safety net that can be made by daily support while having a salary.

 「I don't want to be a brand that can be established at the expense of someone. Aiming to be a brand where people and the environment are happy for the future generation. "

 The problem that the fashion industry has had because we deliver fashion items such as bags, interior items and clothes.
In the fashion industry, where consumers and creators existed in a completely different environment, the industry was subdivided and divided, so it became a hotbed that expands opaque, resulting in an environmental destruction and poor environment. Many people who worked were born.

 RICCI EVERYDAY begins to connect people who have been divided, respect each other's existence and power, and aim for an environment where the profits that are born are equally distributed.

"To circulate individual thoughts and money. By accepting new ideas and thoughts born in the process, Nakamoto thinks this way.

 Instead of creating a sense of security as a limited time, all people on RICCI EVERYDAY will continue to feel the vitality and happiness without losing the staff's life and the future of the brand. , I will work on it.

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