Sustainable efforts in the fashion industry

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It's getting cold in earnest, but how are you doing? I am cold, and I have to focus on how to warm up without cooling my body. Recently, it is addictive to use a body and back Cairo, which can be used in a microwave oven. It is eco -friendly because it can be used, and there is a lot of red beans in Cairo, so you can feel the weight and relax.

By the way, the eco is "sustainable".
SDGs's initiatives have been flourishing in recent years, and various companies, especially apparel companies, have been engaged in SDGs.
RICCI Everyday is also working to achieve the following three goals, especially among the SDGs goals.

5 Let's realize gender equality

Let's eliminate 10 people and national inequality

12 Responsibilities to make

This time, we will introduce what kind of efforts are being made in the fashion industry, not RICCI EVERYDAY.
From interesting to surprising things, please take a look.
Also, among the SDGS goals listed above, this time especially
"12. Responsibility to make a responsibility to make"I hope you can pay attention to.

1. Environmental issues in the fashion industry
2. Apparel brand initiatives
・ Leather made from apple skin?! "Apple Leather"
・ Warmth over down, "Capock cotton" from the actual wood
3. Summary

1. About problems in the fashion industry

In the first place, what exactly is environmental issues in the fashion industry?

・ Mass production and mass consumption
Fast fashion brands have appeared, and clothes can be made inexpensive and large. A large amount of production means that the factory must be operated accordingly. By doing so, the environment will be applied.

In addition, the clothes made by mass production are inexpensive, which has been consumed in large quantities by people. However, among them, there are still many clothes that are unsold. In this way, a vicious cycle occurs in production ...

In the past, I didn't have much money when I was a student, so I was shopping in a fast fashion that I could get cheaply. However, when I was a student, when I started a part -time job at a restaurant in a certain building, a fast fashion brand clerk in the same building was discarded in a 70ℓ garbage bag in the backyard of the building. I remember being appalled because I saw a lot of clothes that would have a lot of clothes and many bags. I thought that "the open mouth is not blocked" is exactly what it is. Looking at the back of the fast fashion, I began to question fast fashion from that day.

Later, such mass production and mass consumption have been regarded in the apparel industry as a whole, and now focus on the recycling of clothes under the fast fashion brand.

・ Discard clothing
A lot of clothes have been discarded by mass production and mass consumption described above. It is said that the clothes that are discarded every year in Japan are 1 million tons. In that case, incineration of clothes requires a lot of energy, and even more load on the environment.

In this way, the vicious cycle has become a vicious cycle.

Currently, various apparel brands, including RICCI EVERYDAY, are working to create something good for the environment.
So what are the brands to be introduced in the future?

2. Apparel brand initiatives
Looking at apparel brands that are launching so -called "sustainable fashion", it seems that many places have recently developed plant -based materials and are making products. Based on that, it is thought that there is a tendency to fundamentally solve environmental issues by causing changes from the ingredients of the material required when making products.

・ Leather made from apple skin?!
Samara ~ "Apple Leather" ~

It may not be very close even if it is called leather made from apples. When I first heard it, it wasn't pinched.

A brand that sells mainly in bagsSamaraWe create "Apple Leather" from the skin that is discarded with apple produced to make apple juice.

The apple skin is powdered, and it is made of apple leather from there.
Because it is a plant -based, you can make sustainable things without taking leather at the expense of animals.

When I hear the apple leather, I think it seems stiff, but when I look at the homepage, the leather and texture of the animal seem to not change much.
(It looks like the scent of apples seems to be (laughs))

Until the development of apple leather, it seems that he performed development experiments using coconut shells and pineapple skin.
If you know what kind of experiments you have been doing until you reach the apple leather, you will be more reliable for the brand.
At present, it seems that not only bags but also pouches and coins are produced.

With Samara's Apple Leather, it was found that other products using Apple Leather were out of other brands.
This shows that the concept of "leather" is changing.
The fact that the fashion industry can change the concept of materials is one of the hope of solving environmental problems.
It is expected to be the apple skin.

・ Warmness more than down
Kapok Knot ~ "Capock Cotton" from the actual tree of wood ~

This is also a capock cotton that is also a plant -derived material. Capock cotton seems to be cotton from the fruits of capock grown in Indonesia.
I use this capock cotton to make down and jacketsKapok KnotIt seems that research has been repeated to the practical use of capock cotton.

The lightness of capock cotton seems to be very light, 1/8 of ordinary cotton. However, because it was light, it was difficult to develop because the cotton flew even when trying to make it a material for clothes. And as a result of repeated research, it seems that the current down and jacket have been born.

The down and jackets made of capock cotton are not only light, but also have a great heat retention effect.It is cold in winter, and it is easy to wear it because it wears thick clothes, but if you wear a capock cotton down, you can solve both cold and stiff shoulders ...! It's very groundbreaking.

Kapok Knot offers what kind of environmental consideration is made by capock cotton.

① 30 jackets made from one capock tree
② It can be made without removing the wings of the waterfowl.
③ The CO2 that could be reduced in one year last year is equivalent to 260㎏ = 2L PET bottle 65,000.

In this way, you can see how much plant -derived material is suitable for environmental consideration.Capock cotton I'm very worried ...!

As a sustainable approach to RICCI EVERYDAY, reusing the hagire born during the production of the Akero series and accessories in workshops such as decorating items and interiors necessary for daily life ( * Currently Coronavirus infection). We do not hold workshops to prevent expansion), and use shopping bags.

On the day of RE on the 26th of every month, it is modest for those who came to the store, but we also receive a gale.

By all means, please enjoy the vividness of African plints according to your preference, such as putting it on the interior and accessories of the house.

Decorate on the light bulb light

You can also attach it to a notebook or fabric panel and decorate it.

3. Summary
What did you think.
This time, I focused on the ingredients of the material. In modern times, various research and technologies have progressed, and it has been found that the concept of various things has changed.
I wonder if the number of apparel brands that will take such efforts will increase in the future. In the future, it may be commonplace for consumers to find out not only on clothes design, but also to what brands are doing.

I also want to focus on various apparel brands and aim for eco -friendly fashion.

・ "SDGS in the fashion industry is hot now!" SDGs Promotion Committee

・ Samara (Official Site)

・ Kapok Knot(Official Site)

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