Necessary for highly uncertainty
Think about leadership that emphasizes diversity

Based in Uganda since 2015,
With local people with different values
RICCI EVERYDAY, which has been creating new value,
Based on my experience so far, in all over the country
We are giving lectures and training.

・ Interractive cultural communication
・ Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (de & I) concept
・ Empowerment of women
・ Starting business (background / business outline)
・ African business
・ Sustainable fashion (issues and solutions)
・ Own Your Career concept

What RICCI Everyday wants to convey

Lecture performance

Education aircraft

  • School Corporation Shizuoka Futaba Gakuen
  • Doshisha University Faculty of Policy
  • Waseda University Faculty of Political Science Department
  • Aoyama Gakuin University Faculty of International and Economics
  • Hitotsubashi University Faculty of Law
  • Keio University Faculty of Economics
  • Yokohama City Yokohama Commercial High School
  • Kamakura City Koshigoshi Junior High School
  • Ichikawa Gakuen
  • Bunka Gakuen University Suginami Junior High School
  • Tokyo University of Science, Faculty of Business Management, etc.

Private companies and organizations

  • Benesse -sama "Mirai Campus" lecturer
  • Sompo Japan Lecture
  • Mitsubishi Materials Lecture
  • Sony Group's "DIVERSITY WEEK 2022" Crosstalk
  • Lecturer of Bouquet 21, Chuo -ku, Tokyo
  • Sumitomo Corporation lecture
  • Shizuoka Prefectural Living Division Ethical Lab in Shizuoka Panel

About the representative, Nakamoto Chizu

Born in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1984. After graduating from Waseda University, after going to Hitotsubashi University Graduate School, he experienced a corporate business at Bank of Tokyo -Mitsubishi UFJ (now Mitsubishi UFJ Bank). After that, he participated in the International Agricultural NGO and was stationed in Uganda's capital, Campara. Along with the single mothers I met at that time, I launched "RICCI EVERYDAY", which handles bags, apparel, and interior items using colorful and playful African prints, with my mother who lives in Japan. In 2015, he established a Japanese corporation and a local subsidiary in 2016.

Public Resources Foundation "Women's Leader Support Fund -One Bear" award
Made a member of the NHK International Broadcasting Program Council
CHIVAS VENTURE 2018 selected as Japan National Team
6th DBJ Women's New Business Plan Competition Business Encouragement Award
Japan Innovator Award 2017 Special Award
The 5th Global Award International Entreprene Prize Best Award
1st Japan African entrepreneurship support Initiative Best Award

Eri Eguchi "In Africa, I started a bag company"
Yuji Uesugi, Ayako Kobayashi, Chizu Nakamoto "Solving conflict and peace construction learning at workshops" Akashi Bookstore