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Lining: I Orange Blue & Blue Yellow
A line that makes use of the sustainable materials of RICCI EVERYDAY and the craftsmanship of UgandaNAWOLOVU(Naworob) "Achero bag made of leather (cowhide) is now available.

RICCI EVERYDAY's icon products have been produced using African plints, but using leather has created a new aspect and possibility in the Akero bag.
It has a facial expression and atmosphere, which is different from African plint.

By making it with a glossy leather, it gives a calm, classic impression.
Although it is a design that fits any coordination, the compatibility with a suit is outstanding.

Akero leather can also be handbags, tote, and shoulder bags, as in the previous Achero series.
Please change the way you hold it according to the occasion.
It is also a convenient size that can put items such as documents and PCs.

The handle is a cow horn, a cow corner, is used.
Only one side of the handle has a cowhorn, and the impression changes to the surface by turning either with a cowhorn or leather only.
It looks elegant and mature, but it has such a playfulness.

The inside of the bag was used with vivid African prints. This design contains the feeling of "silent passion (hidden passion)". I would be glad if you could feel the pleasure of expressing "my personality" and "inner passion" with a unique African print lurking inside a simple leather.

Inside is a zipper pocket and one large normal pocket.
It is also recommended to use something important, such as keys, and put what you want to put in and out in the normal pocket in the normal pocket.

* There is a limited stock.
* The color and pattern may differ between the actual product and the photo. Please note.

After confirming the order, it will be shipped in up to one week.


Bag body: W35㎝ × H34.5㎝ × D9㎝
Attached strap: 123㎝ (the longest length including metal fittings)

Body: Cowhide (outside), cotton (inside)
Handle: Cowhorn, cowhide
Strap: Cowhide

1. The RICCI EVERYDAY product uses African wax print cloth. At the time of the product production, water is passed through the cloth, and coloring is applied to prevent discoloration as much as possible. However, please refrain from using it on rainy days, as it may discolor due to extreme water wetness or friction.

2. Depending on the pattern of the African cloth, there may be color unevenness or stains, but please note that this is a thing that occurred when printing the cloth.

3. When storing, place it in a place that does not hit the sun as much as possible. If you leave it in a sunny place for a long time, it may fade.

[Regarding gift wrapping]

All products of RICCI EVERYDAY will give a gift wrapping with tax included ¥ 200-.

If you check the gift wrapping column at the bottom of the product outline page and the purchase button, it will be added to the cart automatically.

Please use it as a gift for loved ones.


* When purchasing multiple products, please list the wrapping items in the remarks column.
* Wrapping method varies depending on the shape and size of the product.
※「Gift boxes are not necessary to add this because it is a wrapping product.


[Regarding delivery notes and receipt issuance] 

From the viewpoint of environmental consideration and efforts to protect personal information, we will implement paperless delivery (purchase statement).

Therefore, please confirm your order by the "confirmation email of your order" sent by us.

If you would like a paper delivery note or a receipt enclosure, please write it in the remarks column at the bottom of the cart page when purchasing.

* We do not accept delivery books and receipts after the shipment is completed or separate shipping with products. Please note.


[Return / exchange]

1. Returns and exchanges due to different images such as colors and size can be accepted after receiving the shipping cost to the customer.
Please contact Store@ricieveryDay.com within 7 days from the date of arrival.
In addition, the following products cannot be returned or exchanged.

・ Used products
・ Products that can be worn out

2. Products due to initial failure
We accept refunds or exchanges for replacement products.
Please contact Store@ricieveryDay.com within 7 days from the date of arrival of the product, and send it to the following address by cash on delivery.

Address: 〒162-0856
2-17 Ichiyanagorocho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Ichiya Korocho Building A

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