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I, mask (I・mask)
In 2020, pandemic が arose worldwide, and our life changed completely. To the required item that nu becomes normal, and it is above all indispensable every day to wear a mask.
It was comfortable as a fashion item even a little and, in RICCI EVERYDAY, prayed the one that I wore for being able to feel bright and produced the original solid mask using the African print which it was colorful, and was playful.

Because I, the mask becomes the three-dimensional design, it is easy to do breathing because there is space while fitting a face properly and can use it comfortably.Two kinds of a string and the elastic cord of the print African as for the string over the edge. The string of the African print the face circumference gorgeously. I can have you use it properly in total in an occasion. I attach the mask of the African print which it is colorful, and is playful which the usability had, and do you not spend it smartly?

This product is made by the hand of the Japanese woman, and a part of the sales is contributed to the NGO which is active in Uganda.
The details are this.

Summary of I, the mask (I・mask)
Because it becomes the sanitary protection, returned goods, the exchange for visitor circumstances becomes impossible.
This sends it out by the end of November.

To the material of the mask, in the outside, the inside uses double gauze by an African print.
・A dress material: 100-percent-cotton
・Lining: 100-percent-cotton
・An ear cover string: 100-percent-cotton
・An ear cover string (rubber): (white) polyester nylon polyurethane (black) natural rubber woolly nylon
There is not the nose wire

A mask: 20cm (width), 12.5cm (length)
An ear cover string: 30cm (white string), 60cm (string of the African print)

There are two kinds of Was accompanied and did a string made with a good white string of the growth and an African print. I regulate it to favorite length, and, please use it.
When the ear cover string of the African print performs re-Bonn end, I do the face circumference in a gorgeous impression. I put it together in an occasion, and, please use it properly.

Instructions in the <use>
・This mask prevents an expanse of the spray of water by the person with the symptom of a cough, the sneezing wearing it. There is not it with the thing which I completely intercept a virus, and prevents infection.

・Please cancel use promptly by any chance when the symptoms such as an itch or the rash appear.

Handling method of the <mask>
・Before the use, please use it after washing it once.

I wash it after use every time, and, for sanitary protection, please use it.

・When you wash it, I push the synthetic detergent which you diluted in a use mine bathroom and wash it, and, please do it. In addition, please do not use the bleach because it causes the discoloration.

・I fix the form after washing, and, please dry it in the shade.

・When a wrinkle is turned on, a wrinkle lengthens when I do expectation cloth and press it at low temperature.

・I wash this article and am usable repeatedly, but there is not it with the thing usable semipermanently.


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