Celebrating the 7th anniversary of the brand -The connection is strong ~

good evening everyone. This is Chizu Nakamoto, the representative of RICCI EVERYDAY (I noticed that I had a lot of time from the previous update. I usually write a message in the e -mail magazine on Wednesday, but I have written a column for 3 months. It's about the first time.

Today, on August 26, we RICCI EVERYDAY have been able to safely celebrate seven years. I am really grateful that many customers have been supported and have reached today. Thank you for your patronage and encouragement on a daily basis.

The seventh year was as turbulent as other years. 。 。 Create with Uganda's passionate craftsmenNAWOLOVUStarting with the announcement of the line, the start of the pen fled circle, collaboration with other brands, the opening of the RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Daikanyama directly managed store, the Kagurazaka Showroom, the appearance of the new design of the Achero series, the release of the RICCI EVERYDAY original app, And it was a year when I really thought that it was a very fulfilling year, such as the GIFT from Trash collection, which was announced yesterday.

In the most recent matter, I think that the Kagurazaka Showroom has been finished in a nice space. Although it is narrower than Daikanyama, it is an exciting space overflowing with inspiration (it is divided into the first and second floors, and it is a warehouse on the second floor, and it is safe to have a mother. I have a feeling).

Even those who come to the showroom can see all the products online, so they seem to enjoy the pleasure of choosing from various patterns. In the future, I would like to deepen the connection with the person who came while holding an event here.

The app has also been released in conjunction with the showroom. You can enter the RICCI EVERYDAY world with one tap without searching every time on the website. In the future, we will increase the number of content limited to applications (there are coupons that can be downloaded until 31st!).

Click here to download the app App store Google Play

And GIFT from Trash, a new collection that will appear in the online store on September 2 next week. I would like to write a column again, but it is also a new attempt at RICCI EVERYDAY that wants to tune society in a good direction. Yesterday, I released it a little earlier, so if you are worried about the detailsHereplease look at.

After the seventh year after such a big event, we will enter the eighth year from tomorrow. What we are focusing on, but we want to "strong connection", albeit abstract.

Connections with products, connections between customers and local staff, connection between us and the next generation, connection between local craftsmanship, connection between Japan and Uganda, Uganda and the world connection, etc. I feel that if we can connect a community that has been divided more than we thought in the corona, we could live with a bright feeling. Details will be given little by little.

So, thank you in the 8th year. By the way, today's anniversary, we have finally released a new item that pushes our brand logo on the entire surface. that name as wellRICCI EVERYDAY Toteis!

Until now, I thought, "If our logo is in front, it's rather a disturbing ... (Mojimoji)", the logo is used inward, and the outside is used to push the African plint to the fullest. However, it was a anniversary (!?), So I made a product with a brand name. Please take a look.

And it's annual,Anniversary Lucky BagWill be released at the same time. We hope you enjoy the encounter with the African Camp Lint at a time.

We look forward to your continued patronage of RICCI EVERYDAY in the eighth year.


Nakamoto Chizu

Look at the product