Colorful miscellaneous goods that are also recommended as a holiday gift! Introducing SELECTED BY C products

Hello everyone. I'm Chitsu Nakamoto of RICCI EVERYDAY.


Are you enjoying the holiday project for RICCI EVERYDAY? The cute miscellaneous goods I bought when I went to Uganda last FridaySelected by C"Appeared in the online store.

This time, I would like to introduce a part of that product.

Which market did you buy this time?


This time, I went to the East African Craft Market (along Buganda Road), not the fly -day market that I always go to, in the area of ​​Nakacacello in Campara. This is divided into three blocks, with about 100 souvenir shops.

I usually have similar products everywhere, but among them, I look for places that handle my own. For example, antique masks, baskets, sandals, Berk cross products, etc. It's my worthwhile life to find a special dish.


I would like to introduce the products found in such a craft market.

1. Horobeko: 3,300 yen

Speaking of a famous bird in Africa, it is a holohoro bird. We process this cute form by processing a gourd -shaped fruit called a carabash. The neck that moves a characteristic movement is so adorable! You will be healed by looking at the Japanese Akabe. Because it is a chic design, it will be familiar to the interior of the room.

2. African continent puzzle: 1.980 yen

This is a puzzle of all 54 countries on the African continent. The difficulty level is high, and it is difficult for adults to complete it! ? There is also a sense of accomplishment when completed.

It is also recommended to enjoy with your family and friends during the year -end and New Year holidays. Please try it.



3. Berk Cross Pouch: 3,520 yen

Berk Cross, a Uganda traditional craft that has been around for about 1000 years, and has been registered as a UNESCO Intangible World Heritage Site, has become a daily use pouch. Moreover, the surface of the bark cross is a circular embroidery by Raffia thread, and is carefully made. It is highly recommended for those who want to try a Berk Cross material, or if you are looking for a pouch that is convenient to put in flat. 

Four. Masai Beads Anklet: 3,080 yen

I bought a colorful anklet that reminds me of Masai Beads. We also have various coloring, such as black & white and blue -based colors. Why don't you try to fulfill your wishes for the next year, like Misanga? Anklet that makes your feet gorgeous is recommended.

What did you think. I picked up the products I would recommend this time.There are many other products, so by all meansHerePlease check it out.

It will be sold for a limited time until January 5 next year.

When Nakamoto travels to Uganda, I hope that these local creators will buy various cute miscellaneous goods. Actually, there are things that are going to buy for the next time ... expects to ask!