In collaboration with PLUS VENDOME

Hello everyone. I'm Chizu Nakamoto, representative of RICCI EVERYDAY.

This is a report because we will collaborate with Plus Vendome.

Please see the press release below for the contents of the collaboration.

[Plus Vandome] Released a collaboration collection with RICCI EVERYDAY from April 15 (Fri)

PLUS VENDOME has the fun of coordinating in the " + plus" with the Sister brand of Vandome Aoyama that you know.

Costume jewelry is made.

I met a flower brand GUI, presided over by Yuki Maeda, and met after holding an event together last year.

Actually, Plus Vendome may know many people, but you can do it as a jewelry brand.

I have a lot of social good actions.

Donated accessories collection to certified NPO Florence, which provides services that allow children and moms to live with peace of mind.PV Love DonationJewelry collection utilizing thinned wood for the purpose of protecting forests in JapanBioMake.

The person in charge has a very enthusiastic and powerful ability to participate in various events and study sessions and collect information, and I am always stimulated.

"What can society can do as an accessory brand?"

I was always thinking about the idea of ​​trying to start with what I could do.

I would like to have a project with PLUS Vendome, who led by such a person, and this collaboration has led to this collaboration.

The product lineup is a set of RICCI EVERYDAY's Mia Pouch and Plus Vendome's outstanding accessories.

Just one set is packed with items that can be created nicely. We also chose African prints that match the image of PLUS VENDOME.

Plus Vendome X RICCI EVERYDAY Collaboration Pure White 4 -piece Set: 16,500 yen



This cloth is based on "Earth Brown, which represents the end of Uganda, which is endlessly spreading", and is a color that adds "Blue that symbolizes the light blue of Lake Victoria, directly below the equator."

Plus Vendome X RICCI EVERYDAY Collaboration Flamingo Pink 4 -piece set: 16,500 yen


And here is the color of the sunny sky in Uganda and the color of the water of Lake Victoria just below the equator.

Which one suits your image?

I would be grateful if you could feel the journey while imagining the scene of Uganda by getting the product.

In addition, we introduce wonderful accessories, so please check out the website.

And this time, in the idea of ​​PLUS VENDOME, we also made a video that actually gained the sample of the Uganda staff and the production background. It is best that the staff shows a different model -like expression than usual!

(PLUS VENDOME X RICCI EVERYDAY collaborationSpecial pageYou can check the video from the bottom)

We look forward to your continued support of RICCI EVERYDAY while enjoying the collaboration with PLUS VENDOME.

Look at the product