The interior of the room is transformed! ? From SELECTED by C, which has items created by Uganda creators, pick up Nakamoto recommended products!

Hello everyone. I'm Chizu Nakamoto, representative of RICCI EVERYDAY. Today, I would like to introduce my recommended items and creators who made them in the collection of Selected by C that have arrived so far.

1. AnWAR SADAT picture

Anwar Sadat is a Uganda artist and has actually come to Japan in the past. The first time I met him was that he was painting live on United Arrows / Beauty and Youth in Shibuya. Whether he enjoyed staying at that time, he was a big Japanese bite. When you go to his gallery, you will always be warmly greeted.

His work always depicts animals, which had a reason. Most of the Uganda children did not have the opportunity to see animals and wanted to draw them instead. Uganda wild animals live in national parks or zoos, so they can't see them without paying money, and in fact animals may be farther than us.

Another reason was that we wanted to appeal to the conservation of biodiversity through drawing.

His work is not just a paint, but also uses African prints everywhere. Please enjoy his worldview that combines colorful colors and unique patterns.

2. Kano picture

The first time I met Kano's work was when I visited Berk Cross Artist Eva atelier. She found that she was hanging casually on the wall of her room, and when she asked, "Who is writing?" She was introduced to KANO (in this way, in various places. The encounter with the artist is rolling!).

The work that he drew is from the first photo.

In this picture, a number of people's different people include words such as "BRAVE", "FREEDOM (free)", "Together (together)" and "OUR TIME (Our Time". " It is drawn. A heart is drawn on the chest of the person in the center of the picture, and there is a lovable and adorable face (Faces) around it.

It seems that the number of people with a variety of people has a variety of love. Like the people drawn in the paintings, the interpretation of this picture is different and I think it is diverse. What kind of message did you feel?

It is painted in bright colors such as pink, red, turquoise blue, and has a pop impression. If you decorate the wall, the place will be an art space.

3. Bead animal

An animal object made using budding technology, a traditional Kenya Uganda craft. In addition to hippopotamus, rhinos, zebras, and holohoro birds, new colleagues such as whale, elephants, and flamingo will be added, and RICCI ZOO (zoo) is likely to be made.

While combining wires and beads well, it is designed to make use of each characteristic. It is recommended for small interiors, such as placing around the desk or on the windowsill.

There are also large sizes like cows, even in the same beads animal.vinegar. Width 10cm x total length 38cmx height 35cm (up to corner), quite powerful ...

A bead object that reproduces the cows often seen in Uganda. Uganda cows are famous for their varieties called "Angkore beef", and are characterized by large corners (by the way, as you know, craftsmen are reborn as accessories and accessories (Corne). ) What if you put this child in your room? The colors are white and golden brown, which is the same as the actual cow color, and is used as an interior.

(Borrowed from Daily Monitor)

Four. Berk Cross Art Animal Mask

As mentioned above, a collection from a brand Balungi Uganda, presided over by Berkross artist EVA. A colorful berkross is pasted on the animal mask.

Because the gentle shades are used, it will definitely fit the interior in Japan (there are several animals in my home. I). It expresses the animals in Uganda, so be sure to hit which mask is which animal! (And please tell me secretly)

How was it. While looking at the past articles, I introduced the recommended SELECTED BY C items at once.

 If you are thinking about how to change the interior at the turn of the season, please try to incorporate Uganda's art!

This SELECTED BY C is held until 4/14 (Thursday). Do not miss it!

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