Craftsmanship! Crochet striped bag that carefully braid each one by hand

Hello everyone. I'm Chizu Nakamoto of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Finally, the new work in the spring / summer of 2022 is gradually visible. I'm very happy to be able to introduce it to you! This time, I would like to introduce a crochet striped bag.

Another article summarizes the characteristics of the Crochet Striped bag, so be sure to check it out.

I will tell you about the production factory that makes the fabric that is the moto of this bag.

About Texda, a producer

The moto of this bag is made in a workshop called Texda Uganda located in the east side of Uganda's capital, Kampara.

In fact, this is a rug that originally laid on a mat or a floor, and a hagire from a factory for making T -shirts and up -cycle. When making T -shirts in various colors, such as yellow, blue, gray, cream, etc., they are braided by hand by connecting the hagire that comes out at the time of cutting.

(By the way, the one in the photo below is not only a T -shirt's hagira, but also a banana fiber (banana tree fiber). The banana trees in Uganda are really versatile. Of course, as a staple food. , Cooking utensils (steamer), paper, basket, agricultural materials (used for processing after berk cross). Anyway, in the lives of Uganda people, bananas Is an indispensable existence)

It is also impressive that women knit each and every hand. In order to knit a very large rug, I put a table on the table and sit while sitting there, but this is a soy sauce that I see too much unstable (sweat). She didn't know the anxiety here, and she was silently knitting while listening to the radio.

Because it is knitted by hand, it takes a long time to finish one. Even such a patient job is to take off the hat for Uganda's craftsmanship, which can do it lightly. 。 。 In addition, it has the dexterity that expresses complicated patterns. 。 。

Today, we introduced Texda, a crochet striped bag fabric. A simple bag that you want to hold lightly in the spring. it's recommended!

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