The charm of Akellopochette

Hello. This is Yuka Kondo, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill.

Because it is the turn of the season, the change of the weather is various recently. There are days when it is severe heat, but at night there is a cool night breeze, and I can feel the autumn atmosphere.

In the 72 season, one of the methods that represents the season that was considered in China, this time of year is "kusa no Tsuyushiro". It is said that the appearance that the dew which descended on the grass shines in the morning is called "white". It means a small sign that it's getting cooler.It is also interesting to know these words from season to season.

Well, in this column, we've been working on a lot of customers lately.AcheropochetteI will introduce the charm of]!

[Attractiveness of Akellopochette! ] 】
One of the Akello series, Akellopochette.

RICCI EVERYDAY's Akello series has more things than it looks. Akellopochette is no exception!
You can also put a small my bottle (approximately 350ml) or pouch.

It is a thing that is indispensable usually. New book size notebook and wallet, card case, cube pouch. Even if you put it all in, it fits completely, and there is room for smartphones, pens, etc.
Like other Akello series, it is easy to organize without messing up the contents because the stability of the bottom is also firm.

You can also customize it to your taste by adjusting the length of the string!

Even if either is tied, it is not unnatural, and it becomes an accent.

If you actually try diagonally, it looks like this.
The vivid color of African prints is very good for simple clothes.

In addition! Not only can it be angled as a pochette, but it can also be used as a bag-in-bag or eco-bag.
In a large bag, I put an Akellopochette with only valuables. When moving around, if you carry only pochettes, you don't have to carry a lot of luggage.

When you go out to the neighborhood, of course, you want to taste the outside air in light, Akellopochette is also a big success at such a time!
Why don't you put your favorite in a pochette filled with the "likes" you've felt and carry around with you?

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