Introducing the November issue of Akero Box!

Hello everyone.
I'm Hashimoto, a staff member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL.

2020 is about one month left. One year has passed quickly. Is it only me ... What do you feel as soon as you get older?

Do many people spend time at home this winter? I'm sure I will spend my time at home.
Therefore, this time, I will introduce the "Akero Box November issue", which gives a little essence and pleasure in the cold winter home time.

(If you say "What is Akero Box?"This articlePlease refer to! )

1. Contents of the November issue

2. Details of the contents
 2-1 Dribanana
 2-2 Lemongrus tea
 2-3 5+1senses (booklet)
 2-4 African plastic cloth
 2-5 statement card
 2-6 book cover (monthly gift)

3. Summary and next notice

1. Contents of the November issue
First of all, I will introduce the contents of the November issue. Click here for this month ⇓

・ Dribanana
・ Lemongrus tea
・ 5+1 SENSES (booklet)
・ African plastic cloth (30cm x 30cm)
・ Statement card
・ Book cover (monthly gift)

This month is also gorgeous! Then I will introduce each one.


monthlyCitrin caravanI will put your dried fruits. Dry fruit of juicy fruit from Uganda made by organic cultivation.
This month we will deliver a driveranana.

I think it's pretty sweet when the dried fruits of the banana, but when you actually eat it, the balance between acidity and sweetness is exquisite and very delicious!
You can put it in the morning yogurt, serial, or it goes well with alcohol! (If you are under 20 years old, please make a non -alcoholic).
A dried fruit that goes well with various foods and drinks. Please enjoy it.

2-2 Lemongrus tea
This month isN Yura KonkoWe will deliver your lemongrass tea. N YURA KONKO sells organic cosmetics and organic herbal tea from Ghana and offers products made by Ghana women.
Aiming to create a Ghana woman's economic independence and employment, and at the same time, she is working under the philosophy of delivering beauty and healing to Japan.

In Ghana, lemongrus tea is drunk as a cold prevention.
It's a perfect herbal tea for the coming season.

N -yura Konko's lemongrus tea is harvested herbs from the lemongrass field as shown in the photo below to make herbal tea. (I saw the lemongrass field for the first time ...!)

(The photo was borrowed from n yura konko)

I actually drank N YURA KONKO's lemongrus tea, but the taste was very refreshing, the scent was refreshing, and it was very easy to drink.
I think it's a perfect herbal tea when you want to take a break. In the coming cold season, it's a good idea to put it in a water bottle and carry it around.

The color of herbal tea is so beautiful ...! Please drink it.

2-3 5+1senses (booklet)

RICCI EVERYDAY Original booklet, "5+1Senses"
Here, we decide and deliver the theme every month!
This month's theme is"Thinking about eliminating violence against women"
Every year, November 25 is set by the United Nations as "International Day of Women's Violence."

According to UN Women's Organization, one in three women may be violent once in a lifetime. For RICCI EVERYDAY, this problem could not be ignored, and I thought about what I could tell at 5+1 Senses this month.

This month's issue is a special feature of activists who save women around the world, and we will introduce whether the activities are being carried out. Introducing Dr. Mukugege, who won the Nobel Peace Prize at the Congo Gynecologist and the journalist Shiori Ito.
There are many other activists in the world besides the activists introduced in the booklet, so please check them out.

In addition, we have created a hotline list of organizations that accept consultations on violence. Please use it when you or the people around you are in trouble.

Click here for the 5+1 Senses design this month. The image color of the international day of violence against women is purple, so I chose a color that imagined purple.
The photos and colors on the cover are perfect.

I would be grateful if you could read it while eating lemongrass tea and driver nanas.

2-4, African plastic cloth
We deliver African plastic cloth (30cm x 30cm) every month.
This can be used as a handkerchief, and it is convenient to wrap lunches and rice balls.
It is also recommended to use the dried fruits that are delivered every month as a small dish. (Actually, this cloth was born from the voices of the RICCI EVERYDAY staff, "There are times when it is troublesome to put out a small plate ...")

It is delivered every month, so you can collect it and connect it to a furoshiki, or decorate it on the wall. Please try it.

2-5, statement card
The statement card delivered this month has made the next US Vice President Kamara Harris's words.

This month, there was a US presidential election, which was a historic election.
It seems that the election was the most voted. Camara Harris, the Democratic Party's candidate Biden, is the first female vice president in the United States.
She heard her victory speech and really cried ...! I look forward to future activities.

This month, I chose this word after the invasion of violence against women.

She is encouraged by her powerful words.

It's a good idea to decorate the wall as shown in the photo, or write a message on the back and send it as a letter. It is a card that can empathy yourself and people around you.

2-6, book cover (monthly gift)
This month's monthly gift is a RICCI EVERYDAY original book cover! Finally, the book cover has been completed! !
A lot of customers received the hot voices saying, "I want you to make a book cover!"

The book cover will be delivered a little earlier to the Akero box buyer. The Akero Box is a special regular flight that allows you to try RICCI EVERYDAY new products as soon as possible.

This book cover is a paperback book size. According to Akero Box users, it is perfect not only for paperback books but also for a hanging notebook. We didn't even go to the carcape notebook ...!
If you have any other things that can be used for such things, please let me know.

( * Currently, the book cover has a poor size, and we are recreated in Uganda. The newly created book cover will be put in the December issue of Akero Box and will be delivered. There is no. Please wait a little longer.)

3. Summary and next notice
What did you think? We hope you enjoy this month's Akero box.
Why don't you spend your time spending your time through the Akero boxes and spending a fulfilling day?
Akero boxFrom hereYou can purchase it.

Here is a little news about the contents of the next month's issue!
The monthly gift of next month will deliver items that are happy during the drying season in winter. The hint is in this article ... looking forward to!

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