How to choose Akero bag

Hello everyone.
(Daikanyama direct store) I'm Hashimoto, the staff.

In winter, the color of the clothes has been toned down, so it is a season when the akero bag shines ...!
I think the image of Africa is a strong summer image, but is it secret in winter in the African print season? We think. Thanks to that, winter fashion is also fun.

By the way, this time, I would like to tell you how to choose Achero bags.
Customers who are directly managed stores often ask questions, "How do I choose Achero bags?" Certainly, there are four kinds of Achero series, color, pattern, size, usability, and you will be wondering which one to use.

So, this time, I will tell you three points when choosing the Akero series. I would be glad if you could refer to it a little!

1. Choose by size
1-2. Akero 4WAY MediumAkello
  1-3 Mini Akello
  1-4Akello Pochette

2. Select for application
3. Select according to your favorite colors and patterns

1. Choose by size

There are four types of RICCI EVERYDAY Achero bags in total.

In order from the right of the above photo

・ Akero 4way
・ Mini -kero
・ Akero Shet
There are four types.
In the photo, I compared it with a feeling of size when I had it as a handbag.
One way is to see the size when you have a bag.(Model height: 160cm)

Let's take a concrete look at how much each bag will enter.

I arranged things that would often be put in the bag and compared them.
Please choose the one that is the easiest to use than you usually have.

1-1. Akello4WAYMedium Akello 
It is perfect for those who have a larger capacity than they look and have more luggage. If you want to have a lot of time to carry a cardigan or stall in summer, and a muffler in winter, your PC is a must -have item! For those who say, the largest size Achero bag 4WAY is convenient.

If you often include documents, we recommend Akero 4WAY or medium Akero. In both sizes, A4 size documents are required, but in the case of medium Akero, the handle is hidden by the documents, so it is necessary to use a bag with a shoulder or diagonal.

Luggage contents: Laptop, A4 notebook, notepad, pen case, wallet, mobile, key case, pouch, my bottle, sunglasses, folding umbrellas

★These two bags also have the attached pouch. Because it can be used only with a porch, it is convenient when you bring another bag.

1-2. Mini Akello 
It is a perfect size for tablets and notebooks. It is a recommended size for those who want compactness but want to carry not only wallets and key cases but also accessories.

Luggage contents: Tablet, notepad, pen case, wallet, mobile, key case, pouch, my bottle, sunglasses, folding umbrellas

1-3. Akello Pochette
It is the perfect size for a small outing or a walk.
It can also be used as a large bag or eco -bag bag -in -bag.
It is a small but convenient bag.

Luggage contents: Notepad, pen case, wallet, mobile, key case, pouch, my bottle (small), sunglasses

2. Select for application
When you consider purchasing at a store, you often hear, "Is it used for private because the color is flashy?"

There are many bags that can be enjoyed for private with vivid color patterns, but if you want to use it every day, both at work or private, from the jacket work outfit to the sleeveless resort outfit as shown in the photo below. There is also a bag of color and pattern that can be used widely.

Also, when I think it's for work, I want to think about that, such as whether A4 is included or a personal computer. As described above, Achero Bag 4WAY and MediumAkello Is the A4 size properly, so I think it is suitable for work bags.

Please try what kind of scene you use in your life or the point when you choose.

3. Select according to your favorite colors and patterns

If you say, "The size has been decided, but there are many colors and patterns!"

If you try to squeeze it into blue, pink, orange, or warm, cold color, it will be easier to imagine a bag that fits your usual clothes.

"I want to challenge new colors and patterns!" Is one of the ways to select colors and patterns.
In addition, there is also a question, "Is it better to have a more calm color because I'm 〇〇 years old?"

I understand this feeling very well. However, RICCI EVERYDAY has the desire to cherish the customer's feeling of "like!"
Fashion doesn't matter the age or something like a certain frame. I would be glad if you could enjoy your fashion with confidence in the "like" and "excitement" that came out of our customers.

These are the three points when choosing Achero bags.
What did you think?
I would be glad if you could feel not only to wear, but also as one of the fun of fashion.
We hope that it will help customers choose a bag.

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