We will deliver the charm of Uganda tourist attractions!

I am a member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL (Daikanyama directly managed store).

It's been about a month to leave 2020 in no time.
I traveled a lot every summer, but this year I was a little disappointed because I couldn't go abroad, especially due to the new colon virus epidemic.

In this column, we will introduce Uganda's sightseeing spots with RICCI EVERYDAY studio, entitled "Online Trip".
Uganda is a beautiful country, also known as "African pearls."
It's the end of the year, but I'm glad if you can enjoy your travel mood while imagining the excitement of next year.


  • Martison Falls National Park
  • Ginger
  • Walk in Campara city
  • Local market
  • Old taxi park
  • RICCI EVERYDAY flagship store

  • Sightseeing spot ① Martison Falls National Park
    First of all, we will introduce "Martison Falls National Park". Located in the northwestern part of Uganda, it can be reached in about 5 hours by car from the capital, Campara.

    There is a powerful "Martison Falls" in this park, where you can enjoy the magnificent scenery.
    It is also characteristic that giraffes are seen. In addition, you can see lions, hippos, elephants, etc. directly and enjoy safari!

    Sightseeing spots ② Ginger
    Next is Ginger, the second city of Uganda. From the capital, Campara, you can go by car in about 3 hours.

    Ginger is a famous city for the origin of the Nile River! You can enjoy cruise, rafting and bungee jumping on the Nile River.

    Sightseeing spots ③ Walk in Campara city
    Finally, we will introduce sightseeing spots in the capital, Kampara, where the RICCI EVERYDAY workshop and the flagship store are located.

    ・ Local market

    What you want to try in Campara is shopping at a local market. It's fun to find your favorite cloth at a fabric shop where African prints are lined up.

    Also, early in the morning of Friday, on the back of the largest mosque in the cityFly Day MarketIs being held, and you can see craft miscellaneous goods throughout East Africa, such as baskets.

    In this Fly Day Market, there was also an encounter with producers who are making RICCI EVERYDAY products "Fruit Crochet Basket". If you have the opportunity to go to Uganda, please go to play.

    ・ Old taxi park

    Old Taxi Park is the center of Uganda's transportation network. The place where there are taxis (a wagon -like bus -like bus) going to all areas of Uganda is a masterpiece.

    ・ RICCI EVERYDAY flagship store

    There is also a RICCI EVERYDAY flagship store in Campara city. If you have the opportunity to visit the site, I would be glad if you could visit Uganda shops.

    Under the design of an architect named Kazuyuki Kobayashi, the design that combines Japanese and Uganda is very wonderful.
    You can feel the warmth of wood and brick.

    This is a part of Uganda's sightseeing spots.
    I would be grateful if you could enjoy the Uganda travel feeling with this column with a little exciting feeling!

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