Stroll by Daikanyama Vol.4

I'm Nakamoto (sister), a member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL.

In the middle of November, I feel the change from autumn to winter from the cold and view of the way home. In the city, you often see Christmas illuminations that are easy to decorate.

Daikanyama, where quiet residential areas spread, have fashionable cafes and fashion shops.

In this stroll around Daikanyama, we will introduce recommended spots you want to stop by while taking a leisurely stroll through Daikanyama!

In the previous column, we introduced delicious apple pie and cheesecake shops!HerePlease take a look at it.

By the way, what we introduce today is "GUFO TOKYO"is.

This is the first store in Tokyo, a soft ice cream shop where there is a main store in Kitahorie, Osaka!
The pride of the shop is a soft ice cream that was born in pursuing "freshly made" by a gelato shop.
The toppings are also substantial and you can arrange them to your liking.

There are also photogenic soft ice creams and seasonal parfaits that match the season!

I got "Mont Blanc Pafe"!

Valona chocolate decorated with violets is topped, and under it contains plenty of chestnut sweet boiled boiled and Kumamoto prefecture's chestnut Montbran cream.

And GUFO's popular soft ice cream "Milk" is rich but modest, and the cream like soft mousse is no longer in your mouth.
Below it is a Montbran cream in Kumamoto Prefecture, a pie caramelize, and finally Earl Gray's jelly.

It is a luxurious parfait that looks beautiful and enjoys various flavors throughout the layer.

(You can take photogenic photos like this!)

If you have the opportunity, please try the specialty soft ice cream!
There are many attractive spots, such as wonderful shops and delicious cafes that have not been introduced yet in Daikanyama.
I would like to continue to introduce a wonderful shop in Daikanyama!

The staff will welcome you after conducting the temperature inspection and wearing a mask.
When you come to the store, please cooperate with the disinfection at the alcohol gel near the door.

Currently, directly managed stores want to enjoy shopping for customers in the distance, so we provide online customer service services by LINE video call.
In addition, when you visit the store directly, we ask you to make a reservation in advance.
Reservations on the day are also possible. Please make a reservation at least one hour before the desired time zone.

From the link below, you can make a reservation for the store and make a reservation for online customer service.
Preliminary reservation / online customer service service for visiting the storeFrom here


4 minutes on foot from the Tokyu Toyoko Line Daikanyama Station Central ticket gate
24-1 ROOB2, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 2nd floor C03-6455-2446

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