The charm of Berk Cross

I'm Kondo, RICCI EVERYDAY staff.

Thank you for watching last Thursday, "The world is full of things you want."
I was watching it in real time, but I was excited about the charm of African plints over the screen.
The fashion coordination and umbrella design full of individuality were also very nice ...
We are awakening to the pleasure of African plint ...!

By the way, in this column, I guess there was a big impact during the broadcast ...
"Berk Cross" will be introduced based on Instagram, which was sent from the representative Nakamoto the other day.
▶︎3/19 Instagram"Introduction of Uganda traditional crafts Berk Cross"

Berk Cross is a bark that is said to be the "oldest cloth in the world", where Uganda is born.It is also registered as an intangible cultural heritage.
It is also called "Lubgo", a local word.

We will go on a road without nature.
Sharpen the banana tree like a sword, put it between the wooden skin and the trunk, slide it and peel it. By using a soft material like a banana tree trunkIt plays a role in preventing the original tree from damaging.

At the time of the broadcast, a scene at the moment when the representative Nakamoto actually born Berk Cross appeared.
This time, you saw the scene where the peeled bark burned, but it also seems to be softened with water.

The trees after peeling are easily discolored and sunlight, so that it is easy to dry, so it is covered with banana leaves to maintain the humidity inside.
We protect tall trees firmly with banana leaves, but for us, this is also a fresh sight.

About half a year later, a new bark will be regenerated and can be used again as a material. It keeps it as a material that can be played over and over again instead of ending with peeling. It is gentle for the natural environment.

In Uganda, Berk Cross is used for spiritual scenes and rituals. It is a material that is still deeply familiar to many people.

Berk Cross has a very high traditional value, but it can also be used as a fashion item.

Eva, who handles Berk Cross for a long time, makes interior items and other brands called "Balungi Uganda".
The color of brown and black is the main, and using a white bark cross to dye them in various colors to make jewelry.

Bags using Berkross, a new product, which are scheduled to appear in August introduced in the studio, which was introduced in the studio, received many voices saying "cute", and three Berkrosses on the surface, brown, black, and white. use.

The material inside uses a traditional cloth of Uganda and a cloth for a waist roll. Aiming to complete with the material of All Uganda, it is still in production with Eva!

Eva has repeated trial and error for the creation of accessories, and it seems that the dyeing is dyed with multiple colors from one cloth at the time of dyeing.

-What is tie -dye dyeing?
A dye that is dyed by tied up with a cloth fabric as there are Thailand (tie = tied) and dies (dye = dyed).
It is a way to tie the dough with rubber, apply dye, and dye it.

There are various colors such as purple, white, and light blue. Lightness is one of the features.

This accessories will appear on the online store as Selected by C on 4/5.looking forward to.

-Selected by c -
Representative Nakamoto buys unique items in Uganda, not just African plints, and introduce them to you.
RICCI EVERYDAY may have items that can be checked!

Not only fashion items, but Eva also creates interior items.
For example, paste a bark cross mask on the African continent, a pottery vase, a miniature chair, etc.

It seems that your home is not only Berk Cross Art, but also Imigon Gohart using cow dung as an interior item. The space that is exciting just by looking at it is really wonderful.

A bark cross item that gives off a unique presence as a fashion interior item, but also feels warm. Please also see the Instagram of Eva's brand "BALUNGI UGANDA".
▶︎From here

Introducing Berk Cross items that RICCI EVERYDAY has developed as a product!

[Animal mask]

[Berk Cross Art Monstera]

[Square necklace]

Finally, I would like to introduce the impressions of the representative Nakamoto who visited the Berk Cross!

First, the Bark cross itself.

-I felt fateful that Berk Cross, called "the oldest cloth in mankind", is a special product of Uganda. It was close to the history of Uganda's kingdom, so it was found that it was a sustainable material.

And if you watch the broadcast, you can see, but I also visited the craftsman who actually peeled. How is the scene ...

-It was a very difficult job to visit the craftsman. Because the craftsman did not make it easy to reveal his place, and had twice as long as expected.RangingI finally found it.

It seems that he ran a car for 4 hours and reached near the Tanzania border ...!
Peeling the skin is only the first step before the birth of Berk Cross.

-I made the actual work scenery, and I needed to know various processes before one cloth was formed, and I felt that it was a worker work that took a lot of time.

The power of the real site should be more than expected.
I realize how much it is to be completed as one step step by step.

How was the traditional material "Berk Cross", which has long been inherited from Uganda's land, not just African plints?
I hope you will enjoy the materials born from the blessings of nature and enjoy the local warmth.
I would like you to pay attention to the material of "Berk Cross" and the products that change the charm freely from the material!


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