Eva bag after a long absence! Other Burk Cross items are also introduced♪

Hello. I'm Hashimoto of RICCI EVERYDAY.

In Tokyo, cherry blossoms have begun to bloom, and plants have woke up from hibernation! How about your area where you live?

At the time when such plants woke up, Eva bags made with Berk Cross (wooden skin) will arrive online store this Friday! (Don't miss it because it is a reservation product!)

Today, I would like to introduce Berkross again, including the introduction of Eva bags.

1. Not just Uganda. In fact, Berk Cross is also made in Tonga

2. For those who love nature and peace in Eva bag♡

3. Check out other Berkross products!

Four. last

1. Not just Uganda. In fact, Berk Cross is also made in Tonga

RICCI EVERYDAY produces bags using a material called [Berk Cross] made from Mutuba tree skin, which is produced by Uganda craftsmen using traditional techniques.

Uganda is said to be the "oldest cloth in the world". In fact, it is known that not only Uganda but also Tonga was made by women.

From 2021 to 2022, the Another Energy Exhibition, which was held at the Mori Art Museum, displayed a large large bark cross cloth jointly by a female writer and a Tonga woman.


At the Hashimoto photography Another Energy Exhibition


At the Hashimoto photography Another Energy Exhibition

When I saw this work, the excitement was not suppressed, "This is!

It seems that Tonga uses casinoki skin.

I knew that the country was made with the same technique, and the world seemed to be small and narrow ... I felt strange.

I personally think that it would be nice to be connected with Tonga women someday. (smile)

The appearance of making a bark cross in Uganda is like this.


It's strange that the skin of the wood becomes so thin and soft. I am surprised at the "flexibleness" of creatures living on the earth.


As for the touch, it is an image that makes the felt a little rough.

On RICCI EVERYDAY, actually Berkross is actuallyItems that you can try (free)There is also. If you are interested, please check here.


2. For those who love nature and peace in Eva bag♡

Eva bag is a pochette -type bag. In recent years, small mini bags have become trends, so they are unique items that do not remove trends.

The buckle made of the cowhorn (cow horn) in the center of the bag creates a luxury.


Hashimoto -like, Eva bag compatible clothes are "white blouse".


The white color shines in the brown color of the bark cross, and it also looks a bit like a hippie.

By the way, hippie is a group that created a movement that loved nature and peace. I wonder if there is a part that matches Berkross somewhere!


If you bring it to the cherry blossom viewing scene, etc., you will see photos.♪



3. Check out other Berkross products!

RICCI EVERYDAY produces other Berkross products as well as Eva bags.

・ Akero Berkross

This is the Achero bag series, which is the icon of RICCI EVERYDAY, at Berk Cross.

The pattern that combines white collar and deep brown color is cute! The white part is a bark cross.


It is an item that is easy to match with suits as well as outing.



・ Berk Cross Tote

A tote bag with a proverb written to Uganda outside the bag.



"If you start slowly, you can go far away. Chameleon will eventually reach the city."

A deep message is printed.

If you have a bag with a message, you will feel like the message is engraved in yourself.


It is a perfect bag for office casual because you can put A4 size documents.

Four. last

What did you think?

Please try the Berk Cross items, including Eva bags this spring.♪

The RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom allows you to actually experience the texture of Berk Cross. pleaseVisit the storeplease give me.

May it be a wonderful spring for you ...♡

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