Only in March! Would you like to give a colorful gift with a furoshiki gift wrapping?

Hello. I'm Sasaki of RICCI EVERYDAY.

A new life that begins in mid -March and begins soon. I have changed a lot since April, but I am looking forward to jumping into an unknown world.

March is also a time to support those who take new steps in graduation, employment, and new lands.

This is an introduction of a new gift wrapping given to such people with African prints.

1. Only March! Furoshiki gifts wrapping appeared

2. Reference example of how to use furoshiki

3. lastly

Four. bonus

1. Only March! Furoshiki gifts wrapping appeared


Until now, we have introduced a gift set of African plastic furoshiki wrapping for Valentine's White Day. Due to the popularity, for all products this time for + 1,320 yen (tax included)Furoshiki wrappingWe accept 🫶🏻

The size of the furoshiki is S size of 50cm x 50cm, 70cm x 70cm M size, 90cm x 90cm L size.

S size Example: Accessory case and Star Necklace


M size Example: Kikomaru She bag and Mochette


L size Example: Akeropo Shet and Animal Keychain


In addition, a message card comes with it. If you deliver a gift with great effort, you want to deliver it with words. Please use the message card by all means.


* The size of the furoshiki cannot be specified because it is wrapped here according to the size of the product. In addition, the contents of the furoshiki pattern and the message card are random. Please note that you cannot choose by yourself.

2. Reference example of how to use furoshiki

The wrapping furoshiki is a cloth product, so it can be used repeatedly.

If it is a S size, put it on a lunch box, a luncheon mat, and the belt of the pants to accent the coordination!

* S size is 50cm x 50cm.


The M size is attached to the handle of the bag or tied in a bag, which is also useful as an inner bag of a mini bag. You can also have a furoshiki alone as shown in the photo. It is also recommended to carry underwear and thin haori when traveling!

* M size is 70cm x 70cm.



The L size is a size that can wrap the akero bag. It is also recommended to use a bag to store your usual bag. It can also be used as an interior item on the sofa or as a tablecloth.

* The L size is 90cm x 90cm.


3. lastly

On March 24 (Fri), sales for furoshiki will be started alone.

This is, of course, you can choose your favorite size and pattern, so please enjoy it according to the application.😊

The tax -included price is S size: 2,090 yen, M size 2,750 yen, and L size is 3,520 yen.

Details of the pattern will be introduced on SNS before it arrives later. Instagram can check the pattern quickly, so please follow and look forward to it.♡


Spring is taking a new step toward a new life, such as graduation, employment, job change, and enrollment. Would you like to give a gift along with unique items wrapped in colorful African plints?

To order for the furoshiki gift wrappingHerefrom

Four. bonus

If you are worried about what kind of fuzhi it will arrive, it is normal.Gift wrapping (220 yen)There is also. Please note that there is no message card here.


In addition, you can choose the product you like with your favorite pattern.Online gift cardThere is also. Please choose a gift for the gifts!

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