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Hello, this is Oda of RICCI EVERYDAY.

It's time to get warmer at this time and feel the warmth of spring.

Going out for lunch with your friends and going to picnics has become a fun day.♪

Did you go somewhere?

By the way, this time, I will show you the new items announced at the new unveiling party held on February 25 (Saturday)!

I hope you can read it to the end!

1. What is a new show show in2023SS?

2. Show the new product♪

3. At the end

1. What is a new show show in2023SS?

The new unveiling party is a show that introduces the samples of new products brought back from Uganda Studio about twice a year.

You can see the real thing in the showroom and actually touch it, and you can spend a relaxing atmosphere while chatting with representatives, Nakamoto and staff.

It is also an opportunity to interact with other participants who are interested in African prints and African culture!

It is characterized by a lot of excitement every time, but this time it was a great success than usual.♪

↓ It seems that the representative, Nakamoto explains the colorful knit cardigan (at the previous new presentation)


2. Show the new product♪

From now on, we will introduce a few products announced at the new show.


My Wing Bag ¥ 16,500

This is RICCI EVERYDAY's first full -fledged backpack.

It is produced with various African plints, characteristic of Gift from Trash.

My Wing Bag is a 3WAY bag that can be used as a backpack, shoulder bag, or diagonal bag.

It is an excellent one that can include documents for A4 and 12 inch PCs.♪

In addition, there are two attached porches, and you can attach Velcro to your bag!

RICCI EVERYDAY is developing to support women around the world for international women's day in 2023. 。

The next arrival is scheduled for the end of April.

Knit square bag ¥ 13,200 (planned)

This is a bag made by collaborating with a craftsman who met Uganda this time.

It is a handmade bag that makes the carefully woven pattern feel a retro atmosphere with a knit material.

The pattern is very cute♪


Leather Moshet ¥ 14,300 (planned)

This is the most noticeable item at the show. It is a smartphone shoulder with a very cute color of leather.

It will be released last year and will be a very popular Mochet leather version.

It is a bag that was completed with a local Uganda craftsman Bella and Nakamoto together, prototyped, and had twists and turns.

I feel warm from the carefully handmade bags one by one.

The color of the leather is very colorful, it is a bag that makes you feel better.♪

Print nugget bag ¥ .5,170 (planned)

This is a cute but adult -like kin -cha -jaku bag with a ribbon.

It is a cute bag that can tie the ribbon tightly on the top of the bag, and can change the shape and design of the bag for various luggage.♪

Print Azuma bag ¥ .5,170 (planned)

This is a stylish bag with a new triangle shape.

There is no special decoration, it is designed to focus on the design of the bag itself, making it easy to hold regardless of private or business.♪


Print Palm Basket ¥ 15,400 (planned)

This is a new type of basket bag♪

The inside is an African plint, so the pattern looks flickering and cute! Durability is improved by putting the inside on a cloth!

It is such a bag that is cute and cute.

Crochet striped bag ¥ 9, 900 (planned)

This is "last year"NAWOLOVU(Naulob) "A new design of the Crochet Striped bag made using T -shirts!

With the gusset of the canvas fabric, more luggage came in.

In addition, the durability is improved by changing the bottom fabric.♪It is safe when you put heavy luggage.

A reliable bag with an improved capacity that can put your luggage firmly is born!

3. in conclusion

How was the lineup of new products?

When I first saw this lineup, there are many new items, such as improving the capacity, improving functionality, and specializing in design, and unintentionally "cute!" It leaked from lol

In the Kagurazaka Showroom, you can actually see the real thing and pattern and choose. pleasePreliminary reservationPlease come. We'll be expecting you♪

Also, if you are far away or difficult to visit,Online customer serviceVirtual storePlease use it.

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