Fruff fully open! The charm of the library tote♡

Hello everyone! I'm Hashimoto of RICCI EVERYDAY.

It's warm and it's all spring cheerful, but this year the pollen is amazing (laughs)

I sneeze while writing a column.

By the way, this time, the GIFT from Trash Collection first appeared on the online store last Friday.[Library tote]I will introduce about it.

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1. The secret of the frills of the Gift from Trash Collection

2. The charm of the library tote

3. last

1. The secret of the frills of the Gift from Trash Collection


A frill with a familiar African plinting hagire one by one, which is familiar in the Gift from Trash collection.

It is also partially used in Goodwill Bags and Hope bags.

For the first time, a tote bag with frills has been born!


If a frill is applied to the entire bag, the impression will be different again!

The frills of this hagire are made using Hagire, which comes out in the process of making items.

It is a very time -consuming task because it is more carefully gilled, but it is beautifully produced by the high technology of Uganda staff.


The library tote's hagire pattern is not the same as one ...!

It is exactly a once -in -a -lifetime encounter.

It looks like each person expresses an original person.

Just a little different color and pattern of the hagire will change the impression.


If there is something intuitive, it is just a relationship.♡

2. The charm of the library tote

The library tote is a size that contains A4 documents.

Therefore, it is active in various scenes such as commuting, going to school, going out, shopping, and learning.

The inside has multiple pockets, so it is highly functional.

Let's store items that are easy to lose in bags, such as keys, mobile phones, and regulars.


As a fashion, it can be accented by putting it into coordination.♪

It is perfect for the coming spring coordinates.

3. last

What did you think.

Thankfully, the library tote has become SOLD OUT immediately after its appearance. (thank you!)

We are currently accepting requests for restocking.Customers who would like to be informed of reservation sales restockedHerePlease register your name and contact information (email address) from the form of.

We will contact you as soon as the next library tote is sold.

I'm worried about the library! If you have missed this time, please use here!

* Library tote general sales are also planned at the end of April.

* This form does not allow all the respondents who responded to secure the product.

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