Introducing new items and projects in March! That long -awaited item!

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY. February passes quickly, and it's finally March!

March is the end of the year, the graduation season, so there are many ways to find a discriminated gift and goods you want to use for the new year. Also, from the end of March, we will enter the cherry blossom viewing season. I guess some people want to prepare items that they want to take for cherry blossom viewing.

In this column, we will introduce five new products and new products that are perfect for those people. Please enjoy it to the end♪

1. Feel Uganda! Selected by C

2. #UNSTOPPABLE Campaign x Gift from Trash new item

3. Parting and departure season ... Special gifting trapping and new life support campaign

Four. An accessory of that long -awaited material appears!

Five. The season has arrived when new pattern clothes appear♪

6. in conclusion

1. Feel Uganda! Selected by C

The other day, the representative Nakamoto Chizu returned from Uganda business trip. That means that the time of Selected by C has arrived!

SELECTED by C introduces items that representative Nakamoto will buy at the local market every time on a business trip to Uganda. This time, it will be sold at the online store from March 3 (Fri) to March 31 (Fri) of the first week.


I'm looking forward to what items will be lined up this time! By all meansonline storeorIntroduction of recommended items by representative NakamotoI hope you can check it out!

The state of the market has been delivered frequently on the site and relay on Instagram. Please check this and feel the local presence!

Rain Fly Day Market

Introducing items you care about in the market

Also, in the RICCI EVERYDAY Kagurazaka Showroom, "Uganda Craft Market in KagurazakaEvents entitled "will be held on March 18 and 19th. Here, in addition to this item, the SELECTED BY C items introduced in the past will be lined up! I hope you can come to the store casually♪

2. #UNSTOPPABLE Campaign x Gift from Trash new item

Everyone, RICCI EVERYDAY is being implemented for the International Women's Day on March 8th#UNSTOPPABLE ~ The wings are in myself ~Did you see the details of?

The #Unstoppable campaign is a campaign to support young women in Japan.

A special item in collaboration with the Gift from Trash collection will appear after this campaign!

that name as well"My Wing Bag」。


It is a backpack that takes you anywhere like a wing so that you can keep walking more and more like you want to use.

With this backpack, from the adult generation to the younger generationmessageCan be delivered.

This is scheduled to start reservation sales from Friday, March 10.

And prior to my wing bag, new items will appear from the Gift from Trash collection, so be sure to check them out. That is the tote bag on the right of the photo, the name is ""Library tote"is.


A tote bag with just the right size. It is made by sewing the hagire from the Uganda Kobo like a frill. This is on March 3 (Fri).

* If you want to know the charm of the library tote, by all meansThis columnPlease refer to the!

Please look forward to both!

3. Parting and departure season ... Special gifting trapping and new life support campaign

March is the season of parting and departure, such as graduation, transfer, job change, and moving.

Therefore, we will prepare a new gift wrapping like RICCI EVERYDAY that is perfect for such a season.

The items selected as a gift,Plan that can be wrapped with African plastic furoshikiI will carry out!

We believe that you can feel Africa not only with African prints and Uganda materials but also in wrapping. Because it is more colorful wrapping, it seems that you can give a positive feeling together.

African plintFuroshiki gift wrappingWill appear on March 10 (Fri). looking forward to!


I also want to start a new life with a new feeling! We will also carry out a campaign to support those who like.

New life support campaignThen, the target item is 5 % off. Why do not you take this opportunity to use the items you use every day?

New life support campaignStarts on March 17 (Fri).

Four. An accessory of that long -awaited material appears!

Every time the representative Nakamoto plays an Instagram from the Uganda market, many customers say, "I want a cowhorn accessories!"

This March will finally be realized! ! !


(The photo is from the Uganda craft market, so it is different from the real thing. Please note that it is just an image.)

In the warm season, I want to be gorgeous and cool from around my face.♪

This is scheduled to be released on March 24 (Fri). Please look forward to it!

Five. The season has arrived when new pattern clothes appear♪

We all waited. This is the season when RICCI EVERYDAY's new pattern African -printed clothes appear!

I would like to take a colorful excitement by incorporating the African plint in the spring clothes.♪

Please wait a little longer to see what kind of pattern will appear! It will be released on Friday, March 31!

6. in conclusion

How was it?

Which items or projects do you have to wait for?

By all means, please make a shopping plan while visiting the RICCI EVERYDAY schedule in March!