[March showroom event] Uganda Craft Market in Kagurazaka is held!

Hello, this is Washida of RICCI EVERYDAY.

February is the end of this week, how are you all?

I wrote in the column of the last February showroom event that I ate too much Christmas and the New Year, but after that I went to the gym regularly and gradually healthy. Is it becoming becoming? And I am overly self -conscious.

I've been working hard on my new year's aspirations, so I'll do my best to continue in the future!

By the way, this column introduces the March showroom event, "Craft Market in Kagurazaka"!

What is a craft market? If you are wondering, please read it to the end!

1. Uganda Craft Market in Kagurazaka

2. Event details

3. in conclusion

1. Uganda Craft Market in Kagurazaka

The highlight of this event is that you can actually see Uganda's crafts and touch it!

There is no doubt that you will enjoy a stylish Uganda Craft, focusing on crafts that the representative Nakamoto has selected in Uganda!

Some of them should be hard to see in Japan, and some have a handmade craftsman ...

Although you can go abroad, you can still enjoy the atmosphere of the Uganda craft market while you can still easily go. I am expecting.

Uganda has several markets, and colorful crafts from all over East Africa, as well as Uganda.

(I have never been to Uganda yet, but I'm really looking forward to the photos and craft when the representative Nakamoto traveled to Uganda ...)!

↑ This photo is a photo of the Uganda market. From cloth -based to accessories, it's exciting just to look!

Not all products in the photo are in this craft market, but I think you can imagine a little.

In addition, we are going to deliver this showroom event in a slightly different form from past events.

March 18 and 19, the event date, is open day, and anyone can easily come to the showroom!

I always forget to make a reservation! What are Uganda's crafts, such as those who need a little courage to make a reservation and have no chance to go until now, and those who live in Kagurazaka with a showroom? I hope you can stop by.

In addition, we plan to provide tea tasting services brewed with African tea leaves for those who come to the store. I think it will be an event where you can feel Africa even with the taste.

In addition, if you come to the showroom and post SNS with hashtags of "#riccivery day" and "#craft market", we plan to hold a 5 % off campaign!

I hope you will take this opportunity to visit the showroom.♪

2. Event details

Date: March 18th (Sat), 19 (Sun)

Location: RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom (2-17 Ichiya Korocho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Ichiya Koromachi Building A)

From Ushigomeyanagicho Station, the nearest stationaccessClick here.

* I would be grateful if you could visit the showroom on the day without any reservation.

3. in conclusion

March is the season of goodbye and encounter ... Why don't you give a Uganda craft in such a season? There is no doubt that it will be an original gift.

Also, I think African plastic and accessories will also be a good story for the first time. In fact, when I am acquired an African clin, I often receive praise from various people, saying, "I like it."

It is definitely an event that you can color the new year with a different taste, so please feel free to come!

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