"Spring denim, why don't you start?"

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Spring is starting to appear in various brands! I have been spending recently while imagining what kind of thing to wear this spring. Do you have any items you want to take in this spring?

In this column, we will introduce denim items that are perfect for spring coordination. A lot of denim items have appeared on the new items on February 24 today, called "denim fair"!

According to magazines and SNS, we will also see the information that denim is a trend this season ...! I want to wear denim in spring! So, why don't you try to excite the spring spirit with RICCI EVERYDAY denim items?

5 items using denim

Let's introduce five items of RICCI EVERYDAY denim material.

1. Goodwill bag

Goodwill bag, a very popular item of the Gift from Trash collection.


Goodwill bag / ¥ 13,200

It is an item with high message that uses Uganda and has lost its place to Uganda and African Campus Hagile from Uganda Kobo. In addition to the meaning of items, it is very popular with customers because it is a big size that can enter anything.

And the combination of frills and denim is excellent! It is wonderful to add gorgeousness together with the shirt dresses you want to wear in the spring, or match it with a rough cardigan like a photo.

2. Suiteote

Sweetet, a standard item of RICCI EVERYDAY.


Suzie Tote Large / ¥14,300


Suzie Tote Mini / ¥11,880

It is an item that can enjoy a collaboration of three materials, denim x leather x African print.

African plints are combined with the basic shape and denim material, giving the spring basic outfit a bright impression.

* The suite table will end in March in March.

3. Denim peach

Denim peach with a cute colon shape.


Denim peach / ¥ 3,520

Perfect for spring when the dress becomes light.

It is convenient when you take a walk in the neighborhood with a rough dress, and it is fashionable even if you have a casual outfit.

It is also attractive to enter a lot more than it looks. If you have one, you will definitely be active in the spring outfit!

(Actually, I have it, but it's really recommended because it's a fashionable item.♪)

Four. Wallet bag

A wallet bag of a convenient bag with both hands.

This is also one of the classic RICCI EVERYDAY items.


Wallet bag / ¥ 6,050

The multifunctional wallet bag that has a lot of pockets and can be hung diagonally is an item that you can easily enjoy African prints.

The diagonal strap is also an African plint, which brightens the outfit. By adding denim material to it, it does not become too pop and tightens the impression of the coordinates.

Five. One -shoulder denim apron

One -shoulder denim apron newly appeared on February 17 (Fri) last week. It is a unique item full of ideas developed with customers.


One -shoulder denim apron / ¥ 6,820

This apron is a reversible specification of denim and African plint. You can use it properly depending on the mood and coordination of the day. ( * Detailed specifications and development secret stories are based on the representative Nakamoto.This columnPlease refer to the! )

The denim material will raise the stylish feeling. In this case, it seems that you can use the apron a little so much ... you can do anything without hesitation!

in conclusion

How was it?

If you read this so far, you may have noticed, but the coordination of the photos used in this column uses denim pants! By combining African plints and denim, denim x denim's advanced outfit will come true without difficulty.

The Goodwill Bag, Sweet Auto, and Denim Momo introduced in this column are new arrival items today on February 24.HerePlease check it out from♪

Why don't you enjoy denim coordinates with RICCI EVERYDAY items this spring?

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